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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Underground Floor 1

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) The first couple of floors are extremely windy.

The first couple of floors are extremely windy. (left), You can glide everywhere, but be wary that bombs will float upwards. (right)

Difficulty Monsters
★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ Bokoblin x5

The Middle Trials begins with an interesting twist. The first couple of floor feature a permanent updraft that covers the whole room. Meaning you can glide anywhere and everywhere.

On this first floor, there’s a huge abyss in the center. Meanwhile, on all four sides of the room (including where you start), there are wide ledges for you to walk on. Two of these ledges are occupied by Bokoblins.


When you enter, there are enemies on the ledges directly ahead and on your left, including Bokoblin archers. Jump towards the abyss and begin gliding to the ledge on the right. Grab the Boko Spear from here, then glide to the nearby enemy-occupied ledge (the one directly opposite from the entrance).

(1 of 2) First, grab the Boko Spear from the ledge on the right.

First, grab the Boko Spear from the ledge on the right. (left), Then use it to smack the nearest Bokoblin archer. (right)

Try to kill the archer near the edge of the ledge first, since it can shoot you from afar. If possible, avoid knocking it towards the abyss–otherwise, you’ll lose its bow (but it’s not a huge deal). Next, focus on the spear-wielding Bokoblin with your own spear. Then finish off the shield Bokoblin when it attacks and lowers its guard.

Moving on, glide to the remaining ledge and deal with the two Bokoblin in a similar manner. First, dispatch the archer by the edge, before punishing the axe Bokoblin. Once all the Bokoblin are dead, use the axe or something to smash all the barrels and crates, to obtain arrows and food items. Be wary of a bomb barrel by the corner of the last ledge!

(1 of 4) You can float a bomb towards this wooden ledge or fly up using momentum.

Also, there’s a chest high up on a wooden platform above the ledge with the exit. You can just about reach the platform using the momentum of the updraft. Alternatively, float a bomb towards the platform and detonate it. Inside is a Soldier’s Bow, which is essential if you didn’t obtain the Bokoblins’ bows.

Similarly, there’s a chest on a wooden platform high up above the ledge to the right of the entrance. You can reach the chest by igniting the vines below the platform with Fire Arrows obtained from this floor or by igniting the platform itself. Inside is a Soldier’s Broadsword, which isn’t that useful, so feel free to skip it.

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