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Underground Floor 8

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) The next bunch of floors are all water-based.

The next bunch of floors are all water-based. (left), Start by climbing the giant rock on the left. (right)

Difficulty Monsters
★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ Lizalfos x2, Blue Lizalfos x2, Electric Chuchu x1

You’re halfway through the Beginning Trials now. From here, the floors will start to feature a lot of water and no more trees. This particular floor is divided into three islands, with two of them occupied by enemies.


When you enter the floor, there will be a seemingly empty island across the water. If you stare closely, there are actually two Lizalfos here. One is an archer watching from the rock on the left, while the other is very well camouflaged on the right.

You could go that way if you want, but we suggest turning left towards the tall rock rising out of the water. Past this rock is another island with an obvious Electric Chuchu, plus two Blue Lizalfos by a campfire. Carefully climb up the rock and scout the camp.

(1 of 2) Glide down and shoot the Electric Chuchu first to zap the Lizalfos.

Glide down and shoot the Electric Chuchu first to zap the Lizalfos. (left), Afterwards, bully the Lizalfos while they're recovering. (right)

When you’re ready, glide down and pull out your bow and arrow to trigger bullet-time. Aim for the Electric Chuchu to simultaneously kill it and electrify the nearby Lizalfos. In the remaining bullet-time, you can pop some arrows at the Lizalfos.

After landing, while the Lizalfos are still recovering, pick up the weapons they dropped if you can, so they’re forced to grab the weaker Boko Spears. Otherwise, no big deal. Next, carefully dispatch of the two Lizalfos. They’re more agile than Bokoblins, but if you keep moving, they’re fairly predictable.

We suggest poking the Lizalfos using any spear weapons you have–go with the Serpentine Spear unless you’re frugal. The extended range will help to keep the Lizalfos away from you. Bombs are OK, but there isn’t much space to move around and if the Lizalfos get knocked into the water, they love to use a spitting attack.

(1 of 2) If you've got time, use Magnesis to lift up the submerged chest.

If you've got time, use Magnesis to lift up the submerged chest. (left), From here, just two weaker Lizalfos remain. (right)

Once the camp Lizalfos are gone, head for the next corner of the room where you haven’t been. There should be a bunch of rocks poking from the water. In the center is a treasure chest that you can pull out with Magnesis. Inside, there’s 10 Arrows, which you can put to use right now.

From here, you’ve got the perfect view to shoot an arrow at the Lizalfos archer on the rock. Chances are, you’ll knock the Lizalfos into the water. Should that occur, just swim up to the rock, then finish them off with another arrow or bomb etc.

Finally, from the rock, shoot an arrow at the camouflaged Lizalfos that’s directly opposite. It’ll likely notice you, so get ready for a fight. Again, poke it with a spear if possible, to minimize the risk of bodily harm.


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