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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Shrine of Resurrection

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) Zelda’s voice will implore Link to revisit the Shrine of Resurrection.

Zelda’s voice will implore Link to revisit the Shrine of Resurrection. (left), Thus a new quest begins! (right)

When you’re ready, fast-travel to the Shrine of Resurrection on the Great Plateau. Head to the room at the back, where you first awoke. Then inspect the terminal that’s glowing red, where you obtained the Sheikah Slate from. After recognizing your exploits, four locations will be marked on the map, all within the Great Plateau.

Following that, a pedestal will appear on the right holding the One-Hit Obliterator. You’ll be told that a new trial will begin when you grab it; go over and pick it up if you dare. As soon as Link takes hold of the mystical weapon, his health will suddenly drain until it’s down to a quarter of a heart. Uh oh, what’s this about?

The One-Hit Obliterator

(1 of 2) A trial like no other will begin when you take hold of this.

A trial like no other will begin when you take hold of this. (left), The One-Hit Obliterator deals infinite damage to foes, but reduces you to a quarter heart at all times. (right)

It turns out the One-Hit Obliterator is a powerful weapon that can kill any foe in a single hit, but the reverse is also true: Link will die from a single hit. The One-Hit Obliterator will not break, but after hitting two enemies, it’ll lose its power for a moment, before quickly recharging.

Your task is to activate and complete four new shrines on the Great Plateau using the One-Hit Obliterator. While you’re holding it, you can’t use other melee weapons. However, you can use bow and arrows. Also, different monsters will appear in the Great Plateau and the time of day and weather will be set to night/clear.


(1 of 2) Although the One-Hit Obliterator is strong, it puts you at risk.

Although the One-Hit Obliterator is strong, it puts you at risk. (left), Where possible, try to snipe weaker enemies before closing in. (right)

As you might expect, the One-Hit Obliterator is the epitome of a double-edged sword. Although you can fell any foe in one hit, if you so much as get a scratch, it’s lights out for Link.

On top of that, although the recharge time is quite fast, you can only kill two enemies in a row, before you need to pause. Therefore you have to proceed extremely carefully and be mindful of all the enemies at any given time.

As mentioned, although your melee weapon is locked to the One-Hit Obliterator, you can still freely use your bow and arrows. We highly recommend sniping as many foes as possible, before resorting to close combat. Fortunately, on the Great Plateau, there are many vantage points you can utilize.

Unlike the Trial of the Sword, when you’re on the Great Plateau, don’t forget that you can save your game whenever you want. So even if you slip up and get ambushed or overwhelmed, you can easily retry from a recent save.

(1 of 2) Use Majora’s Mask to approach enemies without risk.

Use Majora’s Mask to approach enemies without risk. (left), Check there are no other enemies around, then pull out that One-Hit Obliterator… (right)

Finally, if you really want to make this easy, we suggest obtaining Majora’s Mask. When you wear this, Bokoblin, Moblin and Lizalfos enemies (which are most of the enemies you’ll face) will not attack you until you attack them (or they see you attacking an ally).

If you’re patient, you can exploit Majora’s Mask to clear an enemy camp without any foe attacking you. What you can do is try to grab a single enemy’s attention (eg. by walking near them and/or jumping around).

Next, make this enemy follow you until they’re far away from their allies. Once it looks safe, kill them and lure a new victim. In the event you’re seen, you can just run from the camp and come back when their alert level has gone down.

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