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Toh Yahsa Shrine

Seren Morgan-Roberts

A guide on how to complete Toh Yahsa shrine, found on the Thundra Plateau, west of Ridgeland Tower. This shrine will only be available once you have completed the shrine quest, Trial of Thunder.

(1 of 2) Toh Yahsa is found on Thundra Plateau

Toh Yahsa is found on Thundra Plateau (left), and is titled Buried Secrets. (right)

How to Complete Trial of Thunder

When you first head onto the Thundra Plateau, you’ll automatically be assigned the Trial of Thunder shrine quest. To complete the quest and reveal the shrine you must place all of the different colored balls in their matching colored holes on the plateau. For more information on how exactly to do this, head over to our guide on the Trial of Thunder shrine quest.

(1 of 2) A dramatic zoom of the plateau shows that you have completed this trial

A dramatic zoom of the plateau shows that you have completed this trial (left), Talk about a well-timed screenshot! The Shrine unfortunately still has puzzles inside (right)

How to Get the Rubber Armor

This is a super fun shrine if you want to let off some steam with remote bombs! As you enter, you’ll notice that there’s a bunch of explodable stone blocks - go ham on them with your bombs until you reach a metal cube, then move the cube and explode some more blocks to reveal a chest beneath the platform. It contains Rubber Armor, which is shock resistant.

(1 of 2) Let's get the remote bomb out and get to work

Let's get the remote bomb out and get to work (left), so you can grab the Rubber Armor hidden behind the stone blocks. (right)

After grabbing that armor, head round the shrine and explode all of the blocks. Including the ones behind the bottom the shrine as they’re blocking a pressure plate you’ll need to use in a moment. After getting rid of all the blocks, use magnesis to place the cube between the small step platform and the platform up to the ladders. Once up on the platform with the ladder, climb up to near the end of the platform and use magnesis to take the block around and drop it onto the pressure plate.

Once the cube is on the pressure plate, the gate to the end of the shrine will open up and you’ll be able to claim your Spirit Orb.


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