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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Hero's Sword

Seren Morgan-Roberts

How to Get the Hero’s Sword

(1 of 2) This next main quest is fairly short if you have met the requirements

This next main quest is fairly short if you have met the requirements (left), The Master Sword will seriously come in handy once you have it so this quest, while optional, is worth it (right)

Do you have thirteen hearts? Are you at full health? If you try to get to thirteen hearts by artificially extending your health with food or Mipha’s Grace, it won’t work. As the Deku Tree said, the Master Sword will test your true strength.

(1 of 2) Press and hold [A]

Press and hold [A] (left), Congratulations! You have the sword that seals the darkness (right)

If you are ready, press [A] to pull and you will then be directed to press and hold [A]. The Master Sword will slowly chip away at your health. If you have thirteen hearts, you will successfully pull up the Master Sword on your last quarter heart.

What does the Hero’s Sword do?

Here is some information on the Master Sword that you need to know.

Firstly, the Master sword can break. But it will not be destroyed. Rather, it will go into a state of disrepair where it is unable to be used. Give it ten minutes and it will be back and good as new. As a result, this makes the Master Sword surprisingly handy for mundane tasks like mining ores and cutting trees without dipping into your other, more finite resources (we’re sorry, Master Sword).

Against enemies corrupted by Ganon (including Ganon himself and the blight Ganons if you have not completed the Divine Beasts yet), which includes Guardians, will “bring out the true power of the Master Sword”. The Master Sword will double in strength making it the best weapon against these kinds of foes.

Finally, the Master Sword does not occupy any spots in your weapons inventory. It will create its own special spot!

Congratulations, you now have finally obtained the Master Sword! On a sidenote, if you choose to talk to the chiefs of each of the four races of Hyrule that piloted the Divine Beasts, they will change what they say in response to seeing you with the Master Sword.


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