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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Gerudo/Wasteland Floating Platforms

Vincent Lau

This page details all the floating platforms found in the Gerudo and Wasteland regions when playing Master Mode.

Locations of the floating platforms in the Gerudo and Wasteland regions.

To simplify things, we’ve split the platforms into two categories. The first are those that are well within the boundaries of the two listed regions. Meanwhile the second are those that border another region. Platforms in the second category will also be listed in the other region’s section.

Within Gerudo/Wasteland

Group 1

(1 of 2) Glide to these platforms from near Wasteland Tower.

Glide to these platforms from near Wasteland Tower. (left), The metal chest contains a Gerudo Spear. (right)

A short distance east from Wasteland Tower, there are three platforms hovering in the air, connected by wooden planks. The middle platform is guarded by a Moblin with Bomb Arrows. The north-west chest contains a Gerudo Spear, while the south-east chest has a Ruby.

You can glide to the platforms from atop Spectacle Rock, where the base of the tower is. Be wary that Electric Keese may spawn nearby. Also, the planks connecting the platforms are somewhat flimsy and may fall off if you keep moving to and fro.

Group 2

(1 of 2) These platforms are located above the bottomless pit.

These platforms are located above the bottomless pit. (left), You can push the platforms a little bit using a Korok Leaf. (right)

Next to Gerudo Tower, there are four platforms above the bottomless pit surrounding the tower. They’re located towards the south-east portion of the pit. Three platforms are connected by planks, while the fourth is minding its own business.

On the trio of connected platforms, there’s a Bokoblin archer and chests containing a Topaz (north) and Moonlight Scimitar (south). Meanwhile, the isolated platform is home to a Bokoblin armed with Fire Arrows.

You can glide down from atop the tower or higher up the spiral pathway around the pit, for instance. If you have a Korok Leaf, you could glide to the detached platform, assassinate the Bokoblin, then use the leaf to push the platform towards the connected trio.

Don’t shoot the platforms down (except to kill the Bokoblins), because the chests will fall into the abyss.

Bordering Gerudo/Wasteland

Group P

(1 of 2) A single platform is located at the south end of Digdogg Suspension bridge.

A single platform is located at the south end of Digdogg Suspension bridge. (left), The metal chest contains a Gerudo-based shield. (right)

Near the southernmost end of Digdogg Suspension Bridge, there’s a single floating platform. Guarding this platform with its life is one Bokoblin, but it can shoot three Bomb Arrows at once with its Lynel Bow.

The chest on the platform contains a Gerudo Shield. If you stand perpendicular to the platform, you can reach the chest with Magnesis. By the way, the Lynel Bow is a relatively rare find, although it’s quite tricky to retrieve since it’ll probably fall into the water below.

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