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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Mirro Shaz Shrine

Seren Morgan-Roberts

A guide on how to complete Mirro Shaz Shrine, found near Woodlands Stable in the Woodlands Region.

(1 of 2) Mirro Shaz Shrine is found near Woodlands Stable

Mirro Shaz Shrine is found near Woodlands Stable (left), and is titled ‘Tempered Power’. (right)

How to Complete Mirro Shaz: Tempered Power

The first thing you’ll want to do is head right along the path and take the platform elevator down to the bottom level. Before we start, loot the chest to the left for an Iron Sledgehammer. The hammer will be super useful for this shrine if you don’t want to waste your weapons.

Next, activate stasis on the ball, and hit it until the arrow turns orange, but not quite red (max). If you do red the ball will fly too far. Orange will mean your ball lands quite accurately into the bowl or rolls into it.

(1 of 2) Hit the ball too hard and it’ll bounce out the bowl

Hit the ball too hard and it’ll bounce out the bowl (left), you want it to roll in without too much momentum! (right)

After placing the ball successfully in the hole, a gate to the left will open. Head up to the stone block and use stasis on it. Hit it a few times so that it slams into the big stone slab and creates a convenient ramp up to the end of the shrine!

Hit the block so it slams into the stone slab and creates a ramp for you.

How to Get the Mirro Shaz Treasure Chest

If you’re interested in grabbing some treasure before you finish up the shrine, head down the walkway to the left and take the elevator down to a hidden area with another ball launching puzzle.

To the left of where this new ball spawns, you’ll find a chest with another Iron Sledgehammer. There are two ways to do this puzzle. With the first method, you need to use stasis on the ball, and then hit it exactly five times with a two-handed weapon - like the sledgehammer - then quickly switch to a one-handed weapon and give it one quick whack with that too.

This gives it the exact right amount of distance to travel so that it lands nicely in the goal and doesn’t fly off. This can be tricky to pull off because you have a lot of things to think about: the angle needs to be dead straight, the ball must be hit an exact amount of times and you also have to switch weapons which can be a bit hectic.

(1 of 2) First hit the orb with your big weapon 5 times

First hit the orb with your big weapon 5 times (left), then switch to a one-handed weapon and give it one hit with it to get it to perfectly land in the goal. (right)

The second, and probably easier, method requires picking up the ball and moving it to the back of the shrine, behind the small fence. This way, you’ll be able to hit the ball to max force and it’ll just about land in the goal. You may need to play about with just how far back it is, but this method means you don’t have to mess about with switching weapons.

Once the goal has been hit with the orb, a gate to the left will open and you can loot the chest inside for a Giant Ancient Core, which is useful for making Ancient Weapons at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab!

For completing this optional puzzle, you’ll earn a Giant Ancient Core.

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