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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Raw Prime Meat

Vincent Lau

This is higher grade meat than plain Raw Meat.

A fresh, high-quality piece of animal meat. This stuff isn’t easy to come by, so savor it. Cook it to recover more hearts.

Raw Effect:

  • Recovery: 1.5 hearts

Recipe Effect:

  • Duration: +30 seconds
  • Recovery: +3 hearts

Where to Find

Raw Prime Meat is commonly dropped by certain large and/or dangerous animals.

Animal Drops Drop Rate
Cold-Footed Wolf 2 60%
Great-Horned Rhinoceros 3 70%
Grizzlemaw Bear 3~4 60%
Honeyvore Bear 2~3 60%
Maraudo Wolf 1 90%
Mountain Buck 1~2 100%
Mountain Doe 1~2 100%
Red-Tusked Boar 2~3 100%
Snowcoat Fox 1 90%
Tabantha Moose 3 70%
Wasteland Coyote 2 90%
Water Buffalo 1~2 90%

(1 of 3) Moose (blue) and Rhinoceros (yellow) locations at the Hebra Mountains.

The safest and most efficient way to obtain Raw Prime Meat is by hunting Tabantha Moose and Great-Horned Rhinoceros around the Hebra Mountains. If you’re lucky, you may obtain Raw Gourmet Meat, which is more valuable and offers better health recovery.

(1 of 3) Dantz’s location in Hateno Village.

Another thing you can try is the hunting mini-game in Hateno Village. Speak to Dantz at the farm by the outskirts of Retsam Forest and you’ll be given 1 minute to hunt up to 10 Mountain Buck and Doe. These always drop Raw Prime Meat when killed, although less than the moose and rhinos.

This is mainly useful if you’ve run out of other animals to hunt, because you can repeat the mini-game endlessly and you don’t need to pay (although you’ll have to bring your own weapons of course). However, in practice, it can be rather fiddly, as you also need to grab the meat after killing your prey or it’ll despawn when the mini-game ends.

(1 of 3) Wasteland Coyote locations in the Gerudo Desert.

If you’re adverse to hurting defenseless animals, you could consider hunting the Wasteland Coyote found in the East Barrens of the Gerudo Desert. These animals will attack on sight, giving you the option to retaliate in self-defense or to exterminate them to protect other travelers.

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