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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Raw Gourmet Meat

Vincent Lau
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This is the best meat you can find.

This prized cut of meat is usually from a large animal. Any connoisseur would rank this tender, juicy cut of meat “gourmet.” Expect an exquisite meal when cooking with this.

Raw Effect:

  • Recovery: 3 hearts

Recipe Effect:

  • Duration: +30 seconds
  • Recovery: +6 hearts

Where to Find

Raw Gourmet Meat is an uncommon to rare drop from certain large and/or dangerous animals.

Animal Drops Drop Rate
Cold-Footed Wolf 2 40%
Great-Horned Rhinoceros 3 30%
Grizzlemaw Bear 3~4 30%
Honeyvore Bear 2~3 30%
Maraudo Wolf 1 10%
Snowcoat Fox 1 10%
Tabantha Moose 3 30%
Wasteland Coyote 2 10%
Water Buffalo 1~2 10%

(1 of 3) Moose (blue) and Rhinoceros (yellow) locations at the Hebra Mountains.

The most efficient way to obtain Raw Gourmet Meat is by hunting the Tabantha Moose and Great-Horned Rhinoceros around the Hebra Mountains.

These large animals are quite common, not aggressive and, due to their size, easy to spot and shoot with arrows. After killing one, they will drop 3 items, each with a 30% chance of being a Raw Gourmet Meat. So you’ve got a 65.7% chance of obtaining at least one.

(1 of 3) Wolf locations in the Gerudo Highlands.

If you’re a bit wary about hunting poor defenseless (albeit virtual) animals, you could consider taking down the Cold-Footed Wolves that roam the Gerudo Highlands.

These animals will attack you on sight, so you could attack them in the name of self-defense. They drop 2 items when killed, each with a 40% of being a Raw Gourmet Meat. The chance of obtaining at least one is 64%.

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I get gourmet meat quite a bit.

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I get gourmet meat quite a bit.

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