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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Kakariko Village

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a walkthrough on the quest Seek Out Impa, which requires finding Impa in Kakariko Village.

Where to Find Impa

When you arrive at the front of Impa’s house, you will be stopped by two guards. However, they will quickly recognize you as well and move aside. As you walk up the stairs to Impa’s house, feel free to jump off and crouch down to slip underneath the foundation. There are a lot of Stamella Shrooms growing that you can pick.

On the porch of Impa’s house is a young girl named Paya. Enjoy the brief conversation with her, and then enter to trigger another cutscene.

Impa will end the cutscene by giving you a chance to leave and have some fun around Hyrule for a while. You can do so if you wish to explore without the burden of the next main quest, but we will go ahead and speak with her again. Enjoy the next cutscene.

You now have two new tasks awaiting you. Free the Divine Beasts will take you all over Hyrule to meet the four non-Hylian races and release Ganon’s grasp from their respective Divine Beasts. In doing so, this will weaken Ganon and pave the way for you to destroy him.

Locked Mementos is the second main quest that will be assigned to you. It involves traveling east to Hateno Village to complete the repair of your Sheikah Slate.

To unlock the full potential of our Sheikah Slate, we will be going to Hateno Village first. But this main quest is completely optional, so feel free to jump ahead and begin rescuing the Divine Beasts, or even try your best shot at Destroying Ganon!


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