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Underground Floor 15

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) Approach the scouts while raising a Guardian Shield.

Approach the scouts while raising a Guardian Shield. (left), The scouts love to shoot lasers when they first see you. (right)

Difficulty Monsters
★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ Guardian Scout III x2

This is a mini-boss floor where you must fight two Guardian Scouts III at the same time. Dotted around are stone pillars that you can use to hide behind, when the scouts perform their spinning attack. Also, there are raised platforms near each of the four corners.


The best way to clear this floor is to be quick and meaningful. Approach the two scouts while raising a Guardian Shield to deflect their lasers. When they begin attacking with their melee weapons, apply Stasis on one of the scouts. Stand so the Stasis’d scout is between you and the other scout, then keep attacking the frozen scout.

(1 of 2) Stasis one of the scouts so you've one less foe to deal with.

Stasis one of the scouts so you've one less foe to deal with. (left), Attack the Stasis'd scout while using it as a shield from the other scout. (right)

If you need to delay one or both of the scouts, you can shoot Shock Arrows at them or use the Thunderstorm Rod. Ideally, try to focus on depleting one of the scout’s HP. This is because the scouts will change modes as their HP goes down. It’s much easier to have one scout still using their basic attack patterns, rather than two scouts with low HP patterns.

The first low HP mode involves the scout lowering its head and shooting a sweeping laser all around it, whipping up an updraft. You can glide using this updraft, to attack the scout in the center. But we suggest staying outside the sweeping laser and shooting arrows. Since you might accidentally graze the laser when you drop down to attack.

(1 of 2) The sweeping laser can also damage the second scout…

The sweeping laser can also damage the second scout… (left), Anyway, stay outside the laser and shoot arrows for an easy win. (right)

Should the scout’s HP drop low enough, it will enter its “last resort” mode. The scout will raise its head, before charging up vast amounts of energy. A red laser sight will aim towards you, like one of the big Guardians. After a while, the scout will shoot four powerful lasers in your direction. To avoid this, keep running sideways/in a circle.

Depending on how resourceful you are, you may be able to KO the scout before they enter the final laser-shooting mode (or before they fire the first laser). If you’re not fast enough to skip this phase, don’t worry. Simply apply Stasis and you’ll get plenty of time to deal damage before having to dodge the lasers.

(1 of 2) At very low HP, the scouts may begin charging up a powerful laser strike.

At very low HP, the scouts may begin charging up a powerful laser strike. (left), By this point, a few hits should kill them though. (right)

By the way, if you’re sneaky, you can use the updraft from the rotating lasers to glide to one of the raised corners, allowing you to evade all of their attacks. You can also set fire to the vines on the floor to create an updraft yourself. That said, while it’s safer, it’ll take longer to kill the scouts from there (important if you need to preserve an Attack buff).


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