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Sho Dantu Shrine

Seren Morgan-Roberts

A guide on how to complete Sho Dantu Shrine, found northwest of Gerudo Tower.

(1 of 2) Sho Dantu Shrine is found northwest of Gerudo Tower

Sho Dantu Shrine is found northwest of Gerudo Tower (left), the shrine is titled Two Bombs. (right)

How to Find Sho Dantu Shrine

You’ll find a shrine pedastal northwest of Gerudo Tower and there’s a stone slab in front of the pedastal that says

If you seek power untold,
offer a shining blue stone.

All you need to do is smash one of the nearby rocks and place a luminous rock on the pedastal to make the shrine appear from the ground!

The stone slab has a riddle you'll need to solve to reveal the shrine.

How to Complete Sho Dantu: Two Bombs

First off, equip a remote bomb and throw it at the wooden crates in the wall to the left. In the next room, you’ll want to first head round the giant pillar in the room and loot the treasure chest for 100 Rupees. Head back around and place a cube bomb on the platform that periodically moves up. Then, as the bomb is flung up, detonate it when it’s at its highest so that it hits the orange crystal inside the gated area on top of the pillar. When the orange crystal is hit, you’ll open up a gate to the right of the main room.

Use the bomb to trigger the orange crystal.

Head through into the newly opened room and place a cube bomb on the platform in front of the pillar. Then, head round the otherside and place a remote bomb next to the orange crystal. You’ll want to go around and keep your eye on the cube bomb. First, detonate the remote bomb, then quickly switch to your cube bomb rune and detonate the bomb once it’s at the peak of its jump. This will open up the door at the end of the main room.

In the final room, you’ll need to place a cube bomb on the left launcher and then place a remote bomb on the right launcher after the cube bomb has fallen into the cage in the middle. The remote bomb will be flung back and fourth between the two launchers. Before you detonate the cube bomb, head onto the platform near the entrance way.

Once again, you need to use the bombs to trigger the orange crystal.

After detonating the cube bomb in the cage, you’ll be raised up into another cage area. Behind you, you’ll see a locked gate to the end of the shrine. To get there, you’ll need to detonate the remote bomb when it’s right above the cage so that it triggers the orange crystal again. When it’s hit, the gate will open and you can claim your Spirit Orb!


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