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Waterblight Ganon Master Mode Tips

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) Waterblight Ganon fights with a humongous lance. We suggest attacking from afar.

Waterblight Ganon fights with a humongous lance. We suggest attacking from afar. (left), The second phase should be easier since it's more predictable. (right)

In this page, we’ll show you the easiest way to deal with Waterblight Ganon in Master Mode.

General Tips

To make the fight faster, we strongly recommend having a way of attaining a Level 3 Attack buff. This can be from eating a meal or donning the Phantom armor set, for instance. The more damage you can deal in a given timespan, the less of an impact the health regeneration will have.

If you’re not in a hurry, we also suggest bringing the Master Sword with you. This sacred weapon deals 60 damage and has boosted durability against Blight bosses. You need a minimum of 13 (natural) hearts to draw the sword; so you must complete 40 shrines (assuming no Divine Beasts).


(1 of 3) Aim for the Lynel's head while atop an ice pillar.

Before beginning this fight, it would help massively if you obtain (and preserve) the Lynel Bow from the Lynel on Ploymus Mountain, encountered during your mission to gather Shock Arrows.

That said, we realize the Lynel might be a stronger foe than Waterblight Ganon himself. However, if you’re persistent and have some good weapons (especially a bow), there’s a trick to fairly easily deal with it.

With Majora’s Mask, lure the Lynel near a puddle then cast Cryonis to create multiple ice pillars. Stand on these pillars and shoot the Lynel in the head to stun it. Then jump down and mount it, dealing damage. Afterwards, get back on the pillar. Providing you’re close enough, the Lynel’s melee attacks cannot hit you. If you’re too faraway and it brings out its bow though…

(1 of 2) With the Lynel Bow, your aim doesn't need to be perfect to stun Ganon.

With the Lynel Bow, your aim doesn't need to be perfect to stun Ganon. (left), Once Waterblight Ganon's stunned, smack him hard. (right)

Since the Lynel Bow shoots three arrows at once, it’ll deal more damage to Waterblight Ganon and make it easier to aim at its eye, stunning it. Killing the Lynel will also net you a bundle of Shock Arrows and allow you to peacefully loot the Shock Arrows dotted around. Giving you more ammo to shoot Waterblight Ganon with.


For the fight iself, the first phase is probably the trickiest. Remember to cast ice pillars to protect yourself from Waterblight Ganon’s sweeping lance and lance thrust attacks. When it’s safe, shoot Ganon in the eye with a triple volley of Shock Arrows, then run in to lay in the punishment.

The second phase should be a piece of cake, since it’s mostly scripted. After breaking Ganon’s ice blocks with Cryonis, shoot him in the eye to stun him, then swim across and batter him senseless. If he reaches the threshold to charge a Guardian laser, you can shoot his eye again to halt the devastating attack and stun him.


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