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Mezza Lo Shrine

Seren Morgan-Roberts

A guide on how to find and complete Mezza Lo Shrine, located in Rabia Plain, southwest of the Divine Beast Vah Ruta in the Hateno Region. To access this shrine, you will need to complete The Crowned Beast Shrine Quest.

How to Complete The Crowned Beast

This shrine quest is found exactly where you will also find the shrine once the quest has been completed. You’ll find Kass on top of a stone near a shrine pedastal. He will tell you a mystery regarding a hidden shrine. Your task is to mount and tame a Stag (deer with horns) and ride him onto the pedastal near Kass. There is a Stag nearby, somewhere on the Plain but you might find it tricky to sneak up to him since he wanders around with some other deer too. For more information, head over to our guide on how to complete The Crowned Beast.

Once you’ve completed this shrine quest, Mezza Lo Shrine will appear slightly up the hill from Kass.

(1 of 2) The goal of this shrine quest is to mount a Stag

The goal of this shrine quest is to mount a Stag (left), the shrine quest and shrine are found in Rabia Plain (right)

How to Complete Mezza Lo: Ancient Trifecta

This puzzle is surprisingly straightforward but can feel a little tricky to understand at first. To the right of the entrance you’ll find an orange crystal, which upon being hit, will move a platform around the shrine. Behind the crystal, you’ll spot a metal cube. Use Magnesis to pull it over to your platform and you’ll discover that it was blocking a laser that hits the crystal. When the laser hits the crystal for the first time it’ll trigger it again, making the platform rotate around the room. Your aim will be to utilise the laser as you make your way around the shrine by hitting it with stasis. Each time you use stasis, the laser disappears and will only reappear at the end of the stasis activation period. When the laser comes back on, it will trigger the crystal again!

(1 of 2) Use Stasis to temporarily disable the laser

Use Stasis to temporarily disable the laser (left), to then trigger the orange crystal and move the platform! (right)

To start you’ll want to get the moving platform to come up to the ramp nearby the crystal. You also want to be bringing the metal cube with you as you’ll need it later on!

When you’re on the moving platform, use stasis to halt the laser and wait for the platform to move over the left. On this next platform you’ll find a treasure chest with a Thunderblade inside. After you’ve grabbed that, head over to the moving platform again and perform the stasis process again to move to the next area. Don’t forget to magnesis the metal cube along the way.

You’ll need the metal cube on the next platform in order to keep the button pressed down. This button is responsible for keeping open the gate to the end of the shrine! Once more, perform the stasis process to trigger the orange crystal with the laser. The moving platform will take you right up to the end of the shrine where you can claim your Spirit Orb!

Use the metal cube to hold down the button that keeps the gate open.


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