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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Best Melee Weapons

Seren Morgan-Roberts

Best Weapons in Breath of the Wild

Below you’ll find a breakdown of the 5 best melee weapons in the base game, including where to find them and their attack power. For a full list of weapons, head over to our Weapons List, which will be helpful for knowing the best early game weapons rather than the weapons below that are obtained in late game.

Attack Power

The higher the attack power the stronger the weapon, meaning each hit will deal more damage. Two-handed weapons tend to have higher attack powers, but they attack slower meaning player preference will also be important in deciding the best weapon.


The durability of a weapon is reduced every time you hit something (be it an enemy, ore, boxes etc.). Some weapons have higher durability, meaning it can deal more hits before it breaks. Because all weapons except the Master Sword breaks, you should be careful not to waste your powerful weapons on weak enemies. It is useful to always keep a lower level weapon in your inventory to use on small enemies like Keese and Bokoblins, and save your high damage weapons for bosses!

Master Sword

Weapon Attack Power Durability Location
BotW_Master_Sword_Model2.png 2-30 (attack power is reduced as the weapon’s durability is used up) Technically infinite but you’ll need to recharge it after 40 hits. The Korok Forest

The Master Sword is Link’s iconic sword so it has to be included in this list! The main advantages to using the Master Sword is that it doesn’t ever break and also deals 2x damage to Calamity Ganon. Though it doesn’t ever break, when you’ve drained it’s durability, you’ll need to return to Korok Forest to pick up the sword again. When it’s durability is reduced, the attack power will reflect this, so when it’s at max durability the weapon has an attack power of 30, but as you use it over time it’ll reduce down to a minium of 2 attack power. When you pick up the sword from Korok Forest after it breaks, the attack power is replenished. So keep this in mind when you’re preparing for battles!

For more information on the Master Sword, head over to our guide on how to get the Master Sword.

Royal Claymore

Weapon Attack Power Durability Location
Breath_of_the_Wild_Royal_Royal_Claymore.png 52 40 Hyrule Castle, Tabantha Frontier, Gerudo Desert

Royal Claymores are two-handed weapons that are dropped by some late game enemies. The Stalnox in Hyrule Castle is quite likely to drop the weapon but other Stalnox, Hinox and Silver Moblins may also drop the Royal Claymore too.

Ancient Bladesaw

Weapon Attack Power Durability Location
Breath_of_the_Wild_Ancient_Ancient_Bladesaw.png 55 50 Akkala Ancient Tech Lab

The Ancient Bladesaw is a two-handed weapon created for Link at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. You’ll need 15 Ancient Screws, 5 Ancient Shafts, 2 Ancient Cores and 1,000 Rupees to create the weapon. As well as being a generally powerful weapon, they also deal additional damage to Guarian-type enemies. It is also a bit more durable than some of the other weapons in this list.

Savage Lynel Sword

Weapon Attack Power Durability Location
Breath_of_the_Wild_Savage_Lynel_Sword.png 58 41 Obtained from Silver Lynels, White-Maned Lynels and Golden Lynels (Hyrule fields, Hebra Mountains)

The Savage Lynel Sword is a one-handed weapon obtained by defeating high level Lynel enemies. Savage Lynel Swords are a late game drop, so you won’t be able to obtain this sword until you and the enemies have scaled up a bit. For example, once you’ve defeated all four Divine Beasts, you’ll be able fight a Silver Lynel at Coliseum Ruins, and it may drop the sword when it’s defeated.

Boulder Breaker

Weapon Attack Power Durability Location
Breath_of_the_Wild_Boulder_Breaker.png 60 60 Goron City

This giant crusher weapon has the highest attack damage and durability of all weapons in this list. It was wielded by the Goron Champion Daruk in the fight against Fireblight Ganon. Although the weapon is very powerful, attacks can be a bit slower since it’s such a massive weapon. You will first find this weapon in a chest in Bludo’s house once you’ve defeated Divine Beast Vah Rudania. Another advantage is that it has the highest durability of all the weapons in this list, and if you break or lose it, you’ll be able to talk to Rohan in Goron City and he’ll make you a new one at the price of 1 Cobble Crusher, 5 pieces of Flint and 1 Diamond.

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