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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Cassie Sun
First Published: 06-04-2018 / 00:00 GMT
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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Guide

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Divine Beast Vah Naboris

Main Quest: Divine Beast Vah Naboris

Go through the door pointed out to you
Speak with Captain Teake for the rundown

First, you need to go speak to the captain of Riju’s soldiers at the barracks, which will be pointed out to you. Go speak to Captain Teake who is standing at the end of the room. She will tell you that the Yiga Clan’s hideout is located deep inside Karusa Valley.

Karusa Valley will then be marked on your map as your next objective. It is out to the northwest of the Gerudo Desert. If you choose to talk to any of the other soldiers, you will also learn that one of them named Barta charged off to try and find the Yiga’s hideout on her own and hasn’t returned. That’s not a good sign.

Karusa Valley

Karusa Valley is decorated with flags and stones with red paint on them, marking it as Yiga territory. When you first enter, look around for a chest half-hidden in the sand and pop it out for a Gerudo Spear. As you enter the valley, hug the wall to avoid the stone column with a bunch of camouflaged Lizalfos on it. You can relax as you run through the first half of Karusa Valley, there’s nothing to attack you yet.

This Yiga is holding a bow and will try to stay far away from us
Save around the time you enter this region of the valley

Once you have entered the "donut"-shaped area of the map, you will finally run into your first Yiga warrior (well, maybe not your first if you have run into NPCs disguised as Yigas already). They are fast and can teleport from place to place. This can be especially annoying if they have bows because they will purposefully stay far away from you for a clear shot. Your bombs can stun them, however, and once you can hit them, they have paper-thin defenses. The Yiga will drop fun things like Rupees, Mighty Bananas, and whatever weapon they were holding.

There's nobody hiding in this room, don't worry
Burn down this scroll

Further along the path you will then have to contend with three Yiga warriors at once. Once they are all defeated, you will finally enter a circular-shaped room with a lot of doors. Most of these doors are fake trap doors. The real entrance to the Yiga Clan Hideout is the third door going counterclockwise. It has a flame icon on it. Burn it by using any of the torches available, a Fire Arrow, or a fire-element weapon.

Yiga Clan Hideout

Note: You cannot save inside the hideout! To save, you must exit back to the circular room. If you die inside the hideout, you will be reset to the beginning.

It looks like Barta got caught
You will need these, but do not eat them!

Run forward and you will find Barta, the soldier that the other soldiers in the barracks were concerned about. Turns out she was captured by the Yiga and imprisoned in a cell and there’s not much she can do about her predicament. She will mention that the Yiga guards are powerful and you should probably leave. But of course, we aren’t leaving. She will also drop one other hint: Yigas like bananas.

Grab the Mighty Bananas to your left and let’s begin this next section. This part of the game can be approached in two ways.

  1. Use stealth. This is the intended and encouraged way, as the Yiga Clan Hideout is more or less the stealth level of this game. Using a combination of bananas and Stasis, you can sneak your way past the guards to get through this level. If you upgraded your Stasis to Stasis+ at Hateno Village, you will be even better off.

  2. Attack! Attack! This is not what the game encourages, but it is definitely very doable if you are skilled at combat and patient. If you alert the guards, multiple Yiga warriors will then gang up on you to kill you. Since you cannot save, you will be booted back to the start of the level if you die. This doesn’t seem so bad if you consider the Yiga’s frailty, but there will be Yiga swordsmen in the mix, and they have the special ability to kill you in one hit ignoring Mipha’s Grace, defense buffs, and fairies.

We will be attempting to get through this level with stealth (although being quiet is not our strong suit). Note that your actual stealth level doesn’t matter so much as staying out of sight of the guards, so don’t worry about trying to load up on things like stealth Elixirs.

Wait here until the guard is sufficiently far away
Then start following him clockwise around the block

When you go down the staircase, your first Yiga Clan guard will be walking clockwise around a block. Follow him clockwise around the block but stay out of his line of sight (a.k.a make sure you cannot see him) and definitely do not stray too close to the range of his fire. He will sometimes pause at the corners of the block so keep that in mind.

Continue around until you see a staircase going down
Go down the staircase and hide behind that tall block up ahead
Throw bananas far away from you towards the gap between the blocks
Then run for the doorway when the guard is distracted

As soon as he has closer to the staircase you came down, bolt down the stairs in front of you and then hide behind the large block. The next Yiga guard is standing in front of a doorway. Hold a Mighty Banana. and press down on your directional pad to aim further away. Toss the Mighty Bananas. The Yiga guard will see them and giddily run towards them. Bolt for the exit and turn left.

So many bananas! Grab them all, they make for great cooking ingredients too
Don't forget this chest for a valuable gemstone

Go up the ladder and go straight across the rafters. You will enter a room crammed full of Mighty Bananas plus a treasure chest containing a Topaz. Grab all the Mighty Bananas and the Topaz, and then backtrack back across the rafters the way you came.

Jump down from here
The guards won't be able to see you

To your left there will be an opening. Fall down it on top of a pile of blocks. A Yiga guard is constantly walking around that block, and up ahead around the rows of smaller blocks another Yiga guard is patrolling the area. This part of the puzzle is tricky; if you die, you will have to start over, but the first two guards shouldn’t take too long to redo.

Note: At the Yiga guard’s feet are several jewels that you can attempt to grab by distracting the guard with a banana. However if you can’t muster up the guts, you can come back here after clearing the hideout and pick them up.

In this image the guard is distracted by a banana so he will not sound the alarm
Climb up this ladder to safety

When the guard you are above is furthest away on the far side of the block, Paraglide towards the next guard. Immediately hold and toss Mighty Bananas to your right so that the Yiga guard will not investigate you. Then run for your life towards the ladder straight ahead.

Run straight along the wooden planks
Grab this treasure chest in an alcove
Exit to the right side
Drop down onto this block right here
The spikes are preventing you from walking so Paraglide over them

As you run along the rafters, go behind the strange roof-shaped wall decoration to open a treasure chest containing a Topaz. Continue right and on the left side of the gray block is a ladder. If you climb down the ladder you will see a bunch of spikes blocking your way. So Paraglide from the top of the block into another safe room.

Open these to get instantly rich
Once back on the rafters, jump carefully to the side of the roof shown here
Then jump down onto the wooden planks here
Take a detour for some money

Open the two treasure chests for two Gold Rupees. We’re rich! Then return up the ladder to the block we Paraglided from. Jump carefully onto the little roof of the roof-shaped wall decoration and then jump down onto the rafter planks. Go straight and then turn left to arrive on top of another block. There is a treasure chest here that will give you a silver Rupee.

This is the final guard we must pass by
Drop the bananas far out from the guard so you have room to slip behind him

Return back the way you came and observe the Yiga guard standing in front of the doorway. From the rafters, drop a banana in front of the guard. You want it to be a distance away from the guard so that you can run behind him through the door. Then Paraglide down (if you jump, the noise might alert him) and enter the next safe room.

This chest contains the Mighty Bananas
Run around the room's perimeter to pull up these chests

This is the final room before we confront the boss of this level. There are chests hidden in the ground that can be pulled up with Magnesis all around the room. They will gift you two Topaz and a Ruby if opened. The chest in the middle of the room contains Mighty Bananas.

Push at this wall
Then slip through the gap

Once you are ready, use Magnesis to spin the hidden wall and go forward. Enjoy the cutscene, and then begin your boss fight.

Master Kogha

This boss fight has three phases. During the first phase, Kohga will create a boulder over his head and attempt to throw it at you.

Shoot him when he does this
The boulder will deal massive damage

If he throws the boulder it is easy to dodge, but the way you will hit him is by shooting him from afar before he tosses the boulder. The boulder will drop on his head, dealing sizeable damage, and he will land facefirst into the ground, letting you whack his rear before he gets back up.

Now there are two boulders, but the fight isn't much harder
Shoot him at this moment

Once Kogha loses about a third of his health, he will transition into phase two. Kohga will now create two boulders and rotate them around him slowly before throwing them both at you.

Wait until one of the two boulders is directly above his head and then shoot him. Both boulders will again fall, with the top one hitting his head. It will deal a lot of damage and he will fall onto the ground for you to hit.

At last we are in the final phase
Take control with Magnesis

Once Kohga only has a third of his health left, you will move into the final phase. Kohga will create a huge spiked ball. Use Magnesis to control the ball and whack him with it. You only need to do this a few times and then another cutscene will initiate that ends in Kohga’s defeat.

Open the treasure chest that Kohga leaves behind for the Thunder Helm that Riju needs.

Note: With Kohga defeated, the Yiga Clan will have its revenge on you as Kohga stated. Now, as you explore, Yiga ninjas might randomly spawn out of nowhere. In addition, if you haven’t encountered it already, NPCs you talk to sometimes might turn out to be Yiga ninjas in disguise. Be careful!

Riju is now on the second floor of her palace
Seeing this will trigger Link's memories

Return to Riju and she will wear the Thunder Helm, triggering a memory of Urbosa. Again, this does not affect Captured Memories. Afterwards, when you are ready, Riju will help you advance to Divine Beast Vah Naboris.

Acessing Divine Beast Vah Naboris

Ride a sand seal for a faster way to the post! Or you can go by foot
The lookout post is a shambly sort of place

Riju will meet you at a lookout post near the city. She will recommend that you ride a sand seal there since you will have to use a sand seal to approach the Divine Beast. If you would like to practice, you can either rent a sand seal at Gerudo Town or sneak up on the wild ones outside the gates like you would a horse.

It's a long way up
These are the only type of arrow that will hurt Vah Naboris

Once you have arrived at the post, climb up the ladder and Riju will point out the feet of Vah Naboris. She will also give you 20 Bomb Arrows that you will need to use to shoot the feet, like we did with Vah Medoh.

Riju's Thunder Helm will shield you both
At all costs you must stay inside this circle

While you are riding your sand seal with Riju, her Thunder Helm will create a wide circular green area around her. This is the area in which you will be protected from the lightning strikes of Vah Naboris. Strive to stay inside this circle as frequently as possible, but do not dash too much because Riju will simply dash in response.

Now you have entered the territory of Vah Naboris
Vah Naboris will try to attack you with lightning

Once you are far enough into the desert, you will see a brief cutscene of Vah Naboris winding up for a lightning strike. Stay close to Riju at all costs. Once the strike has been weathered, begin aiming at the feet of Vah Naboris.

Each foot of Vah Naboris will need two Bomb Arrows to deactivate. Aiming on a sand seal and trying to stay close to Riju at the same time can be a stressful task, so if you have one, try using a bow that shoots multiple arrows at once to make aiming easier.

Once all four feet have been shot, Vah Naboris will topple to the ground, giving Link access. Vah Naboris will register as a fast travel point while you are working through it and you will be greeted by Urbosa’s voice, who will direct you to the Guidance Stone.

Inside Divine Beast Vah Naboris

You can shoot the Guardian Scout, it will die in one hit
Destroy this eye peeking at you

This is the final Divine Beast. First, let’s grab that Guidance Stone so we can have a map of the area and controls to manipulate Vah Naboris. Defeat the Guardian Scout right up ahead and then go up the stairs.

Destroy the eyeball to your right and enter the huge chamber that will serve as the main room for this dungeon.

This main room will serve as an "HQ" of sorts for this Divine Beast
Head up this ramp
The Guidance Stone is in a little alcove
As you can see here, Vah Naboris has fairly unique controls

At the far right corner of the room there is a ledge. Run up to it and you will be able to follow the ramp up to an alcove containing the Guardian Stone. Activate it for the map. You will be given the location of the five terminals you need to activate, plus controls. In this case, the main room of Vah Naboris is divided into three cylinders. Each cylinder can be turned 90 degrees. This makes for a lot of combinations.

Terminal 1

Rotate this cylinder to get the terminal aligned with the windows on the side of the main room
Then run through an adjacent window

The first terminal is enclosed within a box on the wall. Rotate the third of the cylinder closest to the rear of Vah Naboris twice. Then run past the main control unit out the round window adjacent to the cage.

You can pick up with this Guardian Scout drops
As you enter the cage you will see the terminal is sideways
Rotate the cylinder once to access the terminal

Defeat the Guardian Scout in your way and enter the cage where you will see that the terminal is currently sideways. Rotate the cylinder one more time and the terminal will be upright so that you can activate it.

Terminal 2

Exit the cage by rotating the cylinder back to the round window. Exit and take a look at your map of Vah Naboris. You will see green and red lines. You want to rotate all the cylinders such that all the circuit lines are on the ceiling.

From this angle it can be a bit hard to aim at, so aim a little higher than the eye
This large spinning wheel is the key to our next terminal

Now a wheel at the end of the main room will start rotating. We will be taking a brief detour to grab a treasure chest. First, shoot the eye hanging around on the platform in the middle of the main room so that the Ganon mouth doesn’t spawn enemies on you.

Taking a look at the rotating wheel, there are two holes on opposite ends of each other. There is also a hole in the middle of wheel, with a platform near it. Stand in either one of the holes and ride it up to the top of the wheel, then jump down to the platform near the middle hole.

If you landed on the side of the platform above the hole, drop off and Paraglide down into the hole or drop down to the main room and try again but enter the other hole. Either way, your goal is to get to the hole right in the middle of the wheel and into the tunnel extending behind it.

Work your way around the teeth
Run between the lasers as fast as you can so you don't get stuck and hit
Shoot this eyeball to make the return trip easier and get to your chest
The Knight's Shield is extremely durable so definitely grab it

Once you are inside the tunnel, you will see spikes, lasers, and Ganon goop. Dodge it all as you run to the end, where you will see a treasure chest and an enormous eye. Destroy the eye and then pop open the chest for a Knight’s Shield. Handy! Make your way back through the tunnel. It will be easier this time with all the Ganon goo gone.

Once the wheel hole and the entranceway match up walk on through
Right now the head of Vah Naboris is down because it has no power

Again, get into either hole of the wheel. Ride all the way up to the top like before, but this time run through the opening on the top instead of dropping down onto the middle platform.

Spin this device by pushing it
Stop when the bulb turns blue

You will see a device that you can rotate. Rotate it one way and you will see a gear turn with a bulb attached to it. Turn it and then stop once the bulb turns blue and is connected to the circuit. Then turn the device the other way to turn the gear on the other side and light that bulb too.

Activate the terminal
Ride this elevator up to the top of the head

An elevator will activate on the neck of Vah Naboris as it lifts its head into the air. Ride the elevator up and the terminal is right in front of you.

Terminal 3

Look up from here and you will see the terminal on the right
Paraglide from the wheel or use Revali's Gale to get up here

Return to the main room the way you came and from the top of the wheel Paraglide down to a lower platform.

The terminal is right above you on the right platform which is easily accessible using Revali’s Gale. If you do not have Revali’s Gale, you can use the wheel as a jumping off point to Paraglide to. Stand on the middle platform and as it becomes vertical, stand on its side for a high vantage point and then Paraglide.

Terminal 4

Run and jump along these platforms
This hallway is your goal

Continue along the network of platforms closest to the ceiling after activating the third terminal. You will see a short hallway where the electric circuit is broken.

This is one of the possible solutions to this puzzle
A new ramp will appear! ...but unfortunately you can't get to it yet

Use Magnesis to rearrange the blocks so that the electric circuit can be carried all the way to the rear of Vah Naboris. The back of Vah Naboris will then lift up and a ramp on the top will lead to the humps. Unfortunately, you are currently unable to access the ramp because the back is now perfectly vertical and you cannot climb.

Move one of the blocks away to break the circuit and then put it right back. Vah Naboris will go through the entire motion of lowering and raising its back again. Run towards the end of its back as the back lowers and run up the ramp as the back raises.

You can only hit it if the eye is open, so this Bomb will not work
Shoot the eye before you enter

Defeat the eye that is blocking your path. Note that it will be impervious to all damage unless you are close enough that it opens its eyelids to stare at you. In the next room, shoot the eye on the far wall so that it will not bother you.

You can get this chest later if you want
But we were impatient so we grabbed it now

Climb up the climbable wall and bypass the goop with either Revali’s Gale or healing food to open a treasure chest containing a Topaz. You can get this later but if you are impatient it is easy to grab now.

Ride this circular platform down
The eye is here and has a mouth that spawns enemies
Don't forget this treasure chest!

Return to the circular room and board the platform that goes up and down. Shoot the eye in the corner of the bottom room so that the enemies will not spawn on you. On either side of the walls is two ledges. One contains a chest with an Ancient Screw. The other has a green ball resting on it. You access either of these ledges by Paragliding down when the platform is higher up.

Grab this green sparkly ball
You can drop down to the floor with it safely to return to the platform

After grabbing the treasure chest, pick up the green ball. Then drop down to the floor of the room and walk up the ramp onto the platform when it arrives at the bottom.

Once you are back in the circular room, put the green ball next to the orange bulb. It will turn blue as it powers up and a platform next to it will move back and forth.

Board the moving platform
One terminal remains

Board the platform and kill the Guardian Scout and the Ganon eyeball in the next room. Then you can activate the terminal.

Terminal 5

The circular platform for this hump will go down and then up so be patient
This platform will let you travel easily between the tops of the two humps

Ride the circular moving platform in the same room as the fifth terminal up a level. There is a green ball. Pick it up and walk around the perimeter of the room to see a platform moving between the two humps of Vah Naboris. You can ride this platform the get the Topaz treasure chest we grabbed earlier.

If you wish to proceed with the terminal, ignore the platform and drop down onto the back of Vah Naboris when the platform is away from you. You will land in front of a square-shaped opening.

Defeat these two Guardian Scouts to open the gates and make the area safe
We need to get the green ball from earlier

Drop down into the hole and defeat the two Guardian Scouts that await you inside. A gate to the room adjacent to it will then open. Pick up the ball you carried all the way from the hump and place it in one of the platforms. We need one more ball to open up the gate blocking the terminal from us.

Complete the puzzle to open the gate
Now it's time to return to the main control unit

Ride up either one of the moving platforms to either side of you to grab the green ball you placed next to the bulb earlier. Then come back down and place that ball onto the second platform, completing the circuit. Now you can activate the fifth and final terminal.

Main Control Unit

You now can finally access the main control unit. Urbosa will point you to it on your map. Return to the main room, and let’s first grab some more treasure.

In this screenshot we have already opened one chest but you can see how they are stuck to either side of the platform
Revali's Gale is by far the easiest way to access them once you rotate the cylinders

You will see two treasure chests that are glued to opposite sides of a platform. While standing away from it, rotate the middle cylinder so that one of the chests is upright. Revali’s Gale is the easiest way to get to the chest, or you can climb up the ramps and stairs or Paraglide from a higher point like the spinning wheel. Then rotate the cylinder so that the second chest is upright and repeat. You will earn a Knight’s Bow and an Ancient Shaft for your efforts.

Now, rotate the cylinders such that the main control unit is upright, and go to try and activate it…

Thunderblight Ganon

Unlike the other blight Ganons, Thunderblight Ganon is fast. Don’t let this catch you off guard! If you have Daruk’s Protection, we recommend disabling it until the final phase of this boss fight.

The timing is tricky but you can activate Flurry Rush off of Thunderblight Ganon's teleporting slash
Thunderblight Ganon's ranged attack is slow and easy to dodge

During the first phase, Thunderblight Ganon has ranged and melee attacks. Only the ranged attack will use lightning. For its melee attack, Thunderblight Ganon will teleport in a zigzag pattern towards you and then slash. This can be dodged to activate Flurry Rush and inflict some major damage. Thunderblight Ganon’s ranged attack involves sending three orbs of lightning at you. Do not try to hit them back, you’ll just electrocute yourself. These are fairly easy to dodge.

If you are having a tough time activating Flurry Rush there is another way to get in a solid string of hits. When Thunderblight Ganon slashes at you, attack and destroy its shield. The shield is fragile and will quickly shatter. This will temporarily stun Thunderblight Ganon. Then use Stasis on it to freeze it even more and maximize your damage output.

Note: Using Stasis on Thunderblight Ganon will be more effective if you have upgraded it to Stasis+ using the sidequest Slated for Upgrades.

The second phase will kick in when Thunderblight Ganon hits half health. He will light up his sword and shield with electricity. Then he will drop metal robs into the ground around you and shoot lightning from them.

Keep moving to avoid being hit by the metal columns or the lightning that follows
When you have time, yank one of the metal columns up and hit Thunderblight Ganon

End this brief phase by picking up a metal rod with Magnesis and whacking Thunderblight Ganon with it like you did to Kohga.

Finally, Thunderblight Ganon will enter the third phase. It will become much more aggressive. Its ranged attack remains the same, but now when it does its melee attack it will do a series of three slashes instead of just one. If you do not activate Flurry Rush the first time you will get hit, and with a lightning-charged attack!

Thunderblight Ganon will sometimes have to recharge its sword and shield with electricity. When the electricity runs out is when you can hit the shield to break it and stun Thunderblight Ganon. That is the safest way to survive this phase. If you have Daruk’s Protection, now is the time to enable it. If Thunderblight Ganon slashes at Daruk’s Protection it will become stunned and you can then use Stasis to prolong its immobility.

Once Thunderblight Ganon reaches critical health, it will charge up a laser beam like a standard Guardian. Parry with your shield, autoreflect with Daruk’s Protection, or hide behind the many columns in the main room. Then load up your bow and start shooting.

Collect your heart container as your prize
Activate the main control unit to take back Vah Naboris for good

After Thunderblight Ganon has been eliminated, pick up the heart container and activate the main control unit. Make sure you are ready to leave Vah Naboris permanently.

Urbosa will thank you for finally freeing her spirit
Use Urbosa's Fury to give your enemies a world of pain

Urbosa will finally appear before you and gift you with her ability, Urbosa’s Fury. She will then teleport you back to the Gerudo Town and pilot Divine Beast Vah Naboris to fire a laser into Hyrule Castle. Urbosa’s Fury is an offensive ability that you can use to create a lightning strike in an area around you. It can be used offensively to conserve your weapons or it can be used defensively to keep enemies from coming close.

Open up these chests for Urbosa's gear
Congratulations on freeing Divine Beast Vah Naboris!

Go speak to Riju, who will thank you. She will offer you two chests behind her, which you can open for equipment used by Urbosa in the past. You will get a Scimitar of the Seven, a melee weapon, and Daybreaker, a shield.

At this time, the main quest is complete.

Return to Free the Divine Beasts.

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