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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

100 Coins in Big Boo's Haunt

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts
Total Coins Coins from Enemies
151 99

Going through this level, you probably realize that there’s a lot of Blue Coins, as not only do the Mr. Is drop them, but so do all of the Boos. This course probably has one of the easiest 100-coins star in the game, simply due to how easy all of the coins are to get. It is preferable to get 100 coins on the second star onwards, as the Boos don’t spawn at the merry-go-round during the first star. When you get the stage, turn around and look for the bouncing box near your initial position. Grab the box and it will carry you while jumping three times, with the third bounce causing it to explode and release five coins (5).

(1 of 2) The box with the faces on it will hop three times before coughing up coins

The box with the faces on it will hop three times before coughing up coins (left), The boxes on the side of the shed will yield another six coins (right)

You’re not going inside the mansion just yet, as there’s some coins to collect on the outside. When looking at the main entrance, go to the right to find a Scuttle Bug enemy, which when jumped on, will yield three coins (8). Go around to the rear of the mansion to find two more Scuttle Bugs, as well as a yellow box that will contain another ten coins (24). While you’re at the rear of the mansion, go ahead and enter the back door for the two Boos there (34). Head on over to the smaller building outside, where you should see two large blocks on the one side. Break these to get six more coins (40).

Head inside the smaller building and defeat the Mr. I there for another Blue Coin (45), then take the elevator to the basement area. Venture to the merry-go-round and look for the five Boos that come out of the one picture, collecting the Blue Coins they drop (70). Ignore the Big Boo and return to the elevator, taking it back up to the surface. Enter the main mansion now and go through the first door on the left, which is the one with the piano. Lure it away from the corner and loot the Red Coin behind it (72). Go into the next room via the other door in the room.

There is one bookshelf in this room that has a Bookend, but you should be quick in defeating it after it appears. In fact, hug the bookshelf and wait for it to come out, then quickly jump up to defeat it before it has a chance to move. That will yield a Blue Coin, plus there’s also another two Red Coins on top of the bookshelves (81). If you didn’t go through the back door to get the two Boos behind the false wall, do so now. Exit back to the main lobby and enter the door on the far wall, to the left of the stairs. You can get two Blue Coins here, one from the Boo and another from the Mr. I (91). Go through the door to the right of the stairs in the main lobby and take out the Boo across the collapsing bridge (96).

(1 of 2) The Bookends will come out of the shelves when close enough

The Bookends will come out of the shelves when close enough (left), Each of them will yield a Blue Coin for you to collect (right)

The room adjacent to the previous room will have another Boo, as well as a Red Coin (103). You can now go to the second floor of the main lobby, but the two doors on the far left will have no coins, so start with the one to the immediate left of the stairs. Inside, you will find a Red Coin opposite the door, on a thinner ledge (105). Return to the main lobby and head through the door to the right of the stairs. In here will be another Mr. I, as well as two Red Coins underneath the coffins in the back room (114). The last room on the second floor will contain the final Red Coin, as well as two Bookends on the right side of the giant bookshelf (126).

The last bit to search for coins will be the third floor, so Wall Jump to the ledge and go through the door. Before bothering with the Blue Coin Block, head over to the picture and turn your back so the Boo comes through it (131). Ground Pound the Blue Coin Block and collect the four Blue Coins on either side of the platform leading to the balcony (151).

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