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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Hidden Star: Burning Tide

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page is dedicated to the hidden star level, Burning Tide found in the first level of Melty Molten Galaxy, The Sinking Lava Spire.

Lava Lake

You’ll begin near a large lava lake. You’ll need to make your way past the li’l cinders and the fire jets so you can reach the platforms going across the lava lake. There are lots of star bits around here, which you should consider collecting as you will need Star Bits to get to the hidden section of this level.

Make your way across the lava lake by using the precarious sinking paths.

Head over the sinking platforms that span across the lake, but watch out, if you stand on them for too long they’ll sink into the lava and you’ll take a bit of burn damage! When you’re at the other side of the lake, head up the steps then past the fire jets. Then, wall jump up the concrete block and groundpound it to reveal another wall jumping structure. Head up that and then go to the right to take a sling star towards the volcano. When you’re near the volcano, take the second sling star and then the Launch Star to head up to a new set of planets. Whilst flying, collect as many of the Star Bits as possible!

Hungry Luma

On the glass planets, instead of going to the right and using the Pull Stars, speak to the Hungry Luma to the left. The Hungry Luma needs 80 Star Bits to transform, and if you spent a little time collecting Star Bits at the beginning, you should have plenty. When you feed the Luma the required amount, it will transform into a Launch Star and a new planet will be born.

Collect the Five Silver Stars

On this new planet, you’ll need to make your way around it collecting all five of the Silver. The lava moves in tides, so paths will only be visible to you for a short time before the tide comes in. You will need to make your way across the temporary paths to the different mounds where the Silver Stars will be found.

Firstly, head downwards as this is the only path available to you from the first mound. Then head right at the junction to grab the Silver Star at the centre of several fire jets. Wait for the path to reveal itself and head all the way left to grab the second Silver Star, which is surrounded by Lava Bubbles. When the path reveals itself again, head upwards towards the tall metal pole. Climb up it and jump to grab the Silver Star.

(1 of 2) Watch out for that tide

Watch out for that tide (left), as it engulfs everything but the raised mounds! (right)

Once more, you’ll need to wait for the tide to go out, then you can head north east to grab a Silver Star that’s surrounded by li’l cinders. The final Silver Star can be found on a path to the left of the Blue Lava Bubbles mound. You’ll need to dodge the fire bars in order to get to it.

When you have all five Silver Stars, a Power Star will spawn in the center of the lava planet, which you’ll need to get to via paths when the tide is down.

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