This page offers a walkthrough of the Bunnies in the Wind level found in Gusty Garden Galaxy. This galaxy is located in the Bedroom dome.

Floaty Fluffs

You begin the level on a planet with two Star Bunnies and some flowers at the centre. The flowers are referred to as Floaty Fluffs and are used to fly from one location to another. To use them, you’ll first need to spin them into the air. Then, jump to grab onto one and you’ll begin flying in a gust of wind. Make sure you press Y or shake the Right Joy-con occasionally to give you a boost otherwise you’ll lose momentum and fall. You only have 3 boosts but this should be plenty to get you across the gaps between the planets in this level.

The Floaty Fluffs are a great way to travel between planets!

When you’re on the new planet, run through the Piranha Plants and head for the other Floaty Fluffs and repeat the process. The next planet you land on will be the same: avoid the Piranha Plants and get to the Floaty Fluffs.

Piranha Plant Planets

As you’ve probably noticed by now, the planets in this level are dominated by Piranha Plants. On this next planet, you’ll need to defeat the Piranha Plant on the yellow flower bed to spawn a Sproutle Vine, which will take you to the next planet.

On this next planet, you’ll find a Monty Mole and another Piranha Plant. You can choose to ignore the Monty Mole, but you’ll need to attack the Piranha Plant to spawn in another Sproutle Vine.

Then, on this next planet, run to the bottomside and spin attack the bulb to sprout yet another Sproutle Vine.

Spiny Piranha Plant

On this next planet, you’ll need to defeat the Spiny Piranha Plant! To do this, you’ll first need to trigger an attack from it by walking up to it - make sure you move out of the way though! When its head is on the ground, spin attack it to incapacitate it. Finally, jump on its head to defeat it for good!

When it has been defeated, a Launch Star will spawn and this will take you to the final planet in this level.

The Spiny Piranha Plant requires a bit of work to defeat it!

Chase the Bunny

When you reach the final planet, speak to the Star Bunny. He will ask you to chase and catch him! When you do catch him, he will give you a Power Star. The course he’ll take is fairly straightforward and you can experiment with long jumps and other moves to try to catch up to him and grab him.

(1 of 2) Follow the Star Bunny and you’ll soon find an opportunity to over take it and catch it

Follow the Star Bunny and you’ll soon find an opportunity to over take it and catch it (left), and when you do, you’ll get a Power Star! (right)

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