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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

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Star Bunnies on the Hunt

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This is the first level available in Gold Leaf Galaxy. Gold Leaf Galaxy is found in the Engine dome and requires 34 stars to unlock.

Grab the Pull Star Chips

On the starting planet, there are five pull chips to collect. They can be found in the following locations:

  • Atop a fountain - Use the vine swing to swing yourself into the sling star. The sling star will then take you to a small platform with a fountain on it. Step on the fountain or backflip to grab the pull star chip.

  • Behind the waterfall - From the platform with the fountain, jump down onto the lower platform with a waterfall on it. Spin attack the crate behind the waterfall to reveal a pull star chip.

  • Groundpound the tree stumps - Groundpound the three stumps at the top of the path and you’ll reveal a sling star. Use it to jump up to the pull star chip.

Groundpound all three tree stumps to reveal a sling star.

  • Among the Piranha Plants - Near the top of the path from the starting location, you’ll find a Star Bunny by the back of the cliff. Head past the bunny and around the cliff and then use the walls to wall jump up to the top of the platform. There, you’ll find three Piranha Plants surrounding a pull star chip. Quickly jump on all of their heads and then grab the piece!

  • Bee Mario - Behind the starting area, you’ll find a Flower Launcher. Climb up it using Y or shaking the Right Joy-con and you’ll be transported to a new area. Here, you can pick up a Bee Mushroom and transform into Bee Mario. As you know from previous levels, Bee Mario can fly or hover by tapping or holding A/B but the Bee power will vanish if you go into water so be careful! Head over to the flower platform and use your flying powers to fly up to it. Then fly up to the next platform where you’ll find a wiggler. From there, head over to the ledge and use the jump spring to grab the final star chip.

Once you have all star chips, the Pull Stars will spawn near the starting area. Use the Pull Stars to make your way up to the Star Launcher. Then, use the Star Launcher to take you to the final planet of the level.

Chase the Star Bunny

On this next planet, you’ll need to chase the Star Bunny around the planet. Without any obstacles, catching the bunny would prove very tricky. Instead, groundpound the large red button to reveal temporary walls and obstacles that will slow down the Star Bunny enough for you to catch up and grab him!

When you catch him, you’ll earn a Power Star!

(1 of 2) You'll need to chase and then catch the Star Bunny

You'll need to chase and then catch the Star Bunny (left), to earn the power star! (right)

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    24 September 2020
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    8 February 2021
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    Seren Morgan-Roberts, Jarrod Garripoli, Ben Chard

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