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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Revenge of the Topman Tribe

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a walkthrough for the Revenge of the Topman Tribe star in the Dreadnought Galaxy. This galaxy is in the Garden dome and needs 48 stars to unlock.

Freeing the Luma

You’ll start the level by landing on a UFO with a Spring Topman on the surface. Use the Spring Topman to reach the Sling Star by jumping on its head. The Sling Star will take you to the planet above you which will have a Luma trapped within electric rails. To free the Luma, you need to knock a Spikey Topman into the electric rail twice. This will destroy the electric rail and free the Luma, who will then transform into a Sling Star. The Sling Star will take you to a cube shaped planet with button on it.

You can knock the Spikey Topman by spin attack or shooting a Star Bit.

Collecting the Blue Star Chips

When you reach the cube planet and press the button, it’ll make five Star Chips appear. They will be placed around the cube planet with one needing a Spring Topman to reach. When you have collected all five and formed the Pull Star, use it to reach the Launch Star to take you to the next area.

Pulling through the Cannonballs

The Launch Star takes you to the Dreadnought and you’ll have to make your way through the area by Pull Star. While also being shot at by Cannonballs and avoiding floating mines. The turbine you land on will have a Life Mushroom underneath which will be helpful in this scanario.

Getting hit by a Cannonball will cause you to fall from the Pull Star!

If you get hit by the Cannonballs and still have health you can catch yourself with a Pull Star. However, if the Cannonball depletes your health completely you’ll lose a life and have to start from the turbine again. At the end of the area you’ll see a Launch Star that will take you to the next location.

The Landing Platform of Ring Beamers

Mario will be taken to a landing platform full of Ring Beamers scattered around. The platform will also have a Koopa Troopa who you can use to get a shell to open the chests, which will have Star Bits and Coins. There will also be a Life Mushroom on the platform for you to take.

Ring Beamers will emit a circular shockwave and you will have to time your jumps to avoid them. This will become increasingly more difficult as the number Ring Beamers increases the further you go. Meaning you’ll have to avoid multiple shockwaves from different directions. At the end of the platform there’ll be a Launch Star that will take you to the final area.

Ring Beamers will try and damage you with their shockwaves!

Topmaniac Boss Fight

The Launch Star will take you to Topmaniac’s Saucer where you’ll be confronted by quite a few Spikey Topmen. Head topside and you’ll see the arena where the battle will take place. There will also be a Lumalee/Salesman Luma who will be selling a 1-Up Mushroom and a Life Mushroom. You can purchase one by feeding the Luma 30 Star Bits.

When you get into the arena, Topmaniac will descend and spawn two Spikey Topmen. Topmaniac will begin to start spinning with with blades and that’ll hurt if you touch them. You need to make Topmaniac vulnerable by jumping on him so that he retracts his blades.

Touching Topmaniac’s blades will inflict damage on Mario so jump on him to make him retract them.

Once that’s done you need to spin attack Topmaniac into the circling electric rails to inflict damage. You will need to do this a total of three times. After the third hit into the electrical rails Topmaniac will be defeated and yield a Power Star!

(1 of 2) After spinning Topmaniac into the electric rails three times he’ll be defeated!

After spinning Topmaniac into the electric rails three times he’ll be defeated! (left), and the Power Star will now be yours! (right)

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