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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Kamella's Airship Attack

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a walkthrough of the Kamella’s Airship Attack Power Star and is the second star in Space Junk Galaxy.

Boarding the Airships

To begin you’ll find yourself on a Starshroom and there will be a Launch that will transport you to the first airship. On this Airship you’ll find Star Bits and two Goombas. You should see a lever that you can hit with your spin attack to lower the bridge, which will get you across to the platforms with the Star Bunnies.

The Star Bunnies act as a small tutorial by showing you that you can jump and gain extra height using your spin attack in the air. You use this technique to reach the Sling Star that was hidden in the crate. The Sling Star will get you onto the next airship.

Hit that lever to get to the bunnies and be sure to get the 1-Up Mushroom first before using the Sling Star

Weaponizing Green Shells

Once you board the second airship you will be faced with Goombas and a Magikoopa. There is a Green Shell at the center of the Airship which you will need to use to defeat the Magikoopa. You only need to hit the Magikoopa once with the Green Shell. Don’t worry if you miss, as the Green Shell at the center of the Airship constantly respawns.

You have an endless supply of Green Shells that can be used to defeat enemies and chests!

This airship also holds a number of items. You can get closer to the ? Block on the side by spinning on the screw directly beneath. Both the block and the screw will give you Star Bits. The chest require you to hit them with shells to open. The chest that is gaurded by the Magikoopa contains a Launch Star that takes you to the next Airship.

Gaining Entry to the Final Airship

The next Airship is used to gain access to the entrance of Kamella’s Airship. On this Airship you have Koopa Troopas who will stay on their set path walking from one end of the Airship to the other but can damage you if you touch them. You will need to jump on them to get their shells to throw at and defeat the Octipi who are shooting at you from the opposing Airship. The chest on the left has a Red Shell and the other contains a Life Mushroom.

The Red Shell will always track and trace the nearest enemy.

There is also a smokestack on the left of the Airship which you can gain access to by jumping and using the Pull Star to get you above and then dropping down. This takes you inside of the Airship which is a room full of Star Bits. Alternatively you can head right on the Airship and go through to what would be the exit of the interior by ground pounding by jumping and pressing ZL making your way through the grating.

(1 of 3) The Smokestack has a Pull Star above it so you can drop in

After defeating both Octipi the bridge from Kamella’s Airship will drop so you can walk across and start your fight with Kamella.

Kamella Boss fight

When you cross the bridge onto Kamella’s Airship take the Sling Star to get topside. Kamella will then appear and start shooting you with Fireballs and Green Shells. When the Green Shells appear you need to pick them up and use throw them at Kamella to inflict damage.

After you hit Kamella twice she will spawn two Magikoopas. All three will begin shooting projectiles at you but Kamella will still be the only one who shoots Green Shells for you to use.

This is fine. You only need to hit Kamella one more time!

You can ignore the Magikoopas as they will disappear when as soon as you defeat Kamella. Once you beat Kamella her wand will break freeing the Power Star held inside.

(1 of 2) To guarantee a hit you can get up close and personal

To guarantee a hit you can get up close and personal (left), and you’ll win a Power Star for your accuracy. (right)

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