This page is dedicated to the level Sunken Treasure in Beach Bowl Galaxy. Beach Bowl Galaxy is the first galaxy unlocked in the Kitchen dome. You will need 18 Stars to unlock this galaxy.

Collect the Star Chips

Your first task in this level is to collect all of the star chips under the water. They are found in the following locations:

  • Beneath the Wooden Bridge - There is a Star Chip found on the ocean floor below the bridge.

  • Inside the Giant Clam - The clam will open its mouth to reveal a star chip!

  • Outside the Giant Eel Lair - There are two Giant Eels guarding a star chip. Don’t get too close to them as they’ll bite you. You’ll need to grab the star chip quickly.

  • Near by the Giant Penguin - There is a star chip on the ocean floor just beneath where the Giant Penguin’s island is.

  • Wooden Crate - There’s a wooden crate on the ocean floor that you’ll need to spin attack to break. Inside, you’ll find the final star chip.

(1 of 2) Watch out for the eels

Watch out for the eels (left), and don’t forget to break the wooden crate to reveal the hidden star chip. (right)

Once you’ve found all 5 star chips, a Star Launcher will spawn where the wooden crate was. You can use this star launcher to take you up to a raised area of the planet.

! Buttons

Once you’ve landed on the raised area, you’ll need to follow the path that goes through a fair few Piranha Plants.

An optional task you could undertake is to pick up the Golden ? Coin and activate a trail of musical notes. The musical notes will take you through the Piranha Plants, all the way to the ! Button. If you grab all the musical notes, you’ll earn yourself a 1-up mushroom!

Groundpound the ! Button to reveal a wooden bridge and steps. These are on a timer and will disappear, so make sure you run across it quickly! When you get to the new raised platform, there will be another ! Button. Groundpound this one as well to reveal two wooden structures that you can use to wall jump up to the top of the planet.

Groundpound the button to reveal a temporary wooden bridge.

Break the Crystal

When you reach the top, you’ll find a large crystal you’ll need to break using a few spin attacks. When you break the crystal you can grab the Power Star and complete the level!

Break the crystal to reveal a Power Star!

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