This is the second level in Ghostly Galaxy in the Kitchen Dome. In this level, there is also a hidden star, Matter Splatter Mansion.

Travel to Spooky Speedster

First off, you’ll begin on the Toad Spaceship. You’ll need to take the Star Launcher over to the Mansion grounds. There are a few Bats and Pumpkinhead Goombas, you can choose to defeat them or avoid them. Head over to the archway and use the Pull Stars to make your way over to the mansion, then use the Launch Star to take you over to a new planet.

Spooky Speedster Race

When you reach the new area, you’ll need to approach the large Boo in a visor and helmet - known as the Spooky Speedster. This race requires that you use the Pull Stars to make your way through the course. There are a number of obstacles that in your way though:

  • Meaty Obstacles - There are a few Meaty structures that’ll block your way. If you bumb into one, you’ll bounce about a little, making it trickier to move through them and slowing you down.

  • Spooky Skeleton bones - Throughout the course, you’ll come into contact with bone structures that move and block your path. If you hit one, it’ll break your link with a Pull Star and send you flying back to the beginning of the race. To avoid this, you’ll need to quickly grab another Pull Star.

  • Pull Star Planets - The pull star planets will slow you down a bit so avoid having to run on them and instead make your way over or around them.

  • Floating Mines - Near the end of the course, you’ll have to navigate around the explosive Floating Mines. If you hit one, it’s not the end of the world as you can quickly grab another Pull Star, but it will slow you down a little.

(1 of 3) The Meat Obstacles will bounce you around.

Tip: Around half way through the level, you’ll come across a Sling Star that’s a little out of the way of the main course. Take the time to get to it as it’ll launch you quite far into the race!

If you lose, you’ll need to start the race again and you’ll also lose a life for it! If you win, you’ll earn a Power Star!

If you win, the Spooky Speedster will reward you with a Power Star!

You might need to try this level a few times to get the hang of it! It’s tricky!

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