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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

A Very Sticky Situation

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page is dedicated to the level A Very Sticky Situation in the Sling Pod Galaxy. You can access this galaxy when you complete Tarantox’s Tangled Web and feed the Hungry Luma outside the Fountain dome 400 Star Bits.

Web Slinging

You’ll start off on a small platform with a Sling Pod. Before jumping on the Sling Pod, remotely collect as many Star Bits as you can as this may be more difficult as the rest of the galaxy is made up of Sling Pods, Pull Stars and obstacles that will you send you falling into the black hole.

To start you want to launch yourself to the next Sling Pod you see. Be wary of your timing as the Cannonballs in this level will cause you to lose momentum and cause you to fall. The Cannonballs fire continuously but there are gaps in between each shot for you to go through and get past. There are also routes that you can take that are bigger risks but will usually have a 1-Up Mushroom if you feel it’s worth it.

Further ahead you’ll land on a Sling Pod and see four rows of Cannonballs, two Cannons being on each side. This may look daunting at first but you can get through quite easily as the Cannons fire in sets of three and by waiting until the third Cannonball there will be a big enough gap to make your way through with low risk.

Wait for the first Cannonball to explode and you should see a big gap to fly through!

Pulling through the Floating Mines

The next Sling Pod you land on brings you to an area that is full of Floating Mines and Pull Stars. You have to use the Pull Stars to reach the next area but if you touch a Floating Mine in between each Pull Star it will break the connection, causing you to fall. However unlike with the Sling Pods, you have a chance to catch yourself with the Pull Star if you are quick enough.

Following the Pull Star trail you’ll find yourself facing Floating Mines in a circular pattern. You have to get to the Pull Star in the center to reach the end Pull Star. It is possible to deliberately crash into one of the mines making it easier. You just have to be quick to catch yourself falling with the Pull Star.

You may also see 1-Up Mushrooms or other items that may seem out of reach. To reach them you have to use the momentum of the Pull Star and drift into the desired area.

Floating Mines are everywhere and will explode at the slightest touch!

Spinning Firebars

The next area you’ll go back to Sling Pods as a mode of transportation and will have to get past the Firebars. Like before you need to launch yourself from one Sling Pod to another. Be careful not to touch a single flame on the Firebar as it will cause Mario to stop mid-air and fall into the black hole.

You’ll reach a segment where there’ll be four Firebars. To get through you want to fly through when there’s a gap. The biggest gap appears when the Firebars point towards Mario and gives you the best chance to make it through.

Through the Firebars and flames!

The final obstacle you face before obtaining the Power Star are the fact its surrounded by rotating walls. As you may know, if you hit the wall you fall. But with good timing all you need to do is touch the Power Star and it will be yours.

(1 of 2) Don’t worry about flying off into space

Don’t worry about flying off into space (left), as soon as you touch the star the level is complete (right)

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