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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Blue Coins in Ricco Harbor (2)

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts

Blue Coin #16

Head to the upper area with the buildings and look for the small fountain. There will be a Blue Coin in the air above the center of the fountain.

Blue Coin #17

Near the previous coin, there is a building with a green awning on it. It will have some graffiti on the side, so clean it up to get this Blue Coin.

(1 of 5) Blue Coin #16 is right above this fountain

Blue Coin #18

Get on top of the buildings in the upper area and right next to the Rocket Nozzle box will be more graffiti. Clean it up and out will pop another Blue Coin.

Blue Coin #19

The next two coins will either require Yoshi or be much easier with him. The egg is in the upper area and you will need a durian fruit in order to hatch it. There are two machines near it that will dispense fruit by performing a Ground Pound on the buttons on top of them. Unfortunately, the fruit that comes out is completely random. Once you have the durian, kick it over to the egg, then get on Yoshi. In this little upper area, by the egg, you will see a swarm of blue butterflies. Eat them all to spawn the Blue Coin.

Blue Coin #20

With Yoshi still in your possession, double back to the lower area, by the tower, and look for the Klamber on the wall. All Yoshi has to do is eat it, spawning the Blue Coin. You can also spray it with water to stun it, then hop on the stunned enemy, but sometimes the water won’t even faze it.

Blue Coin #21

Return to the upper area and look for the umbrellas and benches. There will be some baskets of fish here, too, so spray some water at the baskets to spawn the Blue Coin.

Blue Coin #22

If you still have Yoshi, you can ditch him now and reacquire a Rocket Nozzle. If you’re still by the previous coin, drop down into the water and there will be a red box on a nearby platform. Follow the wall of the level’s edge, past the ledge with the coconut tree and there will be another ledge. Launch yourself up to it to find some more graffiti to clean.

(1 of 6) Spray these baskets to get Blue Coin #21

Blue Coin #23

On one of the high platforms you used during Episode 8, with all of the fish, there will be more graffiti. You can try using Yoshi, but it’s much easier with the Rocket Nozzle.

Blue Coin #24

Drop down into the water from the previous coin and look for the normal coins in the air nearby. There will be a Blue Coin amongst them, and you can use the Rocket Nozzle to get to it.

Blue Coin #25

Swim over to the yellow submarine and look for the yellow coins underneath the one platform nearby. There will be a Blue Coin with those yellow coins, so dive down to get it.

Blue Coin #26

Return towards the beginning of the level and right above the crane that had a coin, there is a small walkway that has two yellow coins and a Blue Coin. You can either drop down from above or try to use the Rocket Nozzle to reach it.

Blue Coin #27

If you used the Rocket Nozzle to reach the previous coin, then launch yourself up to the next ledge and follow it around to another Blue Coin.

Blue Coin #28

Go underneath the large yellow cage, with the Rocket Nozzle equipped, and launch yourself up to the cage. You should automatically grab onto it, so locate the little door and jump through it. There will be a lone Blooper inside the cage, so defeat it to get the Blue Coin.

Blue Coin #29

Return to the walkways, head over to the far side from the buildings, to one of the dead ends. If you look over the edge, you will see a trail of yellow coins. At the bottom of this trail is the Blue Coin.

(1 of 6) There is a Blue Coin on this little ledge above the moving crane

Blue Coin #30

The last Blue Coin is a bit more hidden than the others, and is found back near the tower. On the one wall that is connected to the one that the Klamber was walking on, you can spray some water to see that there’s something hidden. Continue spraying to uncover a blue Shine symbol, so keep at it until it spits out the Blue Coin.

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