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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

The Frozen Peak of Baron Brrr

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a walkthrough for The Frozen Peak of Baron Brrr Power Star found in the Freezeflame Galaxy. This galaxy is found in the Bedroom dome.

To Catch a Penguin

You start the level on a doughnut shaped planet made up of ice. On it you’ll find two boulders rolling in the center and a penguin. To progress you have to speak to the penguin who will challenge you to catch him while you skate. To skate you simply need to press Y or shake your controller. When you start skating your movements will be more tailored to gliding and arent as jerky. If you do find you need more control and need to stop skating, you can jump and ground pound by pressing ZL in the air. To give yourself a small boost all you have to do is spin attack.

To catch the penguin you just have to get in range and go up to him and Mario will automatically catch him. After gaining the penguins respect, a Launch Star will appear which will take you to the next planet.

Mario is a natural skater on ice and should be able to catch the penguin with ease.

Climbing the Peak

The Launch Star will take you to a slope at the bottom of a frozen peak. Slide down the slope to a platform where you’ll be confronted by some Goombas. They are easily defeated with a spin attack. You will then be met with a pool filled with freezing water and if you are to fall in you gradually start losing health.

Head towars the platform with the ? Coin and touch it, which then causes an Ice Flower to appear. Heading towards the Ice Flower you’ll meet Ice Bubbles who’ll charge at you in an attempt to freeze you! To defeat them you need to spin attack them or shoot at Star Bit at them to put them out and then hit them by running into them. Be careful not knock them back into the pool as this will bring them back.

(1 of 2) Touching this coin will make the Ice Flower appear

Touching this coin will make the Ice Flower appear (left), you will need the temporary powers of the Ice Flower to traverse the level. (right)

The Cold Never Bothered Ice Mario

Touching the Ice Flower turns you into Ice Mario, which means you have the power freeze and skate on surfaces you walk on. However, this power up is only tempoary and will wear off indicated by the tempo of the theme when you get the item.

Before heading up the peak, you would have seen a set of stairs with a Sling Star at the top which is now more accessible thanks to your ice powers. The Sling Star takes you to the top of a slope where you can see a Life Mushroom and a 1-Up Mushroom. You can slide down and get them on the way.

When the Ice Flower wears off, the power up will return to where it initially appeared. You’ll need to go back and reclaim that Ice Flower until there’s another near by. As Ice Mario head towards the water spouts and jump on them as you will create a small ice platform when you touch the water.

The platforms Ice Mario creates on the water spouts will quickly disappear when jump off.

Once you’ve made your way up, you want to head on the path with the Goombas and follow the arrow which points you to where you need to go next. You’ll then need to scale two Bomps. The Bomps will try and push off if you stay in front of them. They will be first and third step and you will need to get to the second. As you’re on the second step you need to get on top of the first Bomp and then jump onto the second one to reach the higher level.

(1 of 2) Follow the arrows to lead you to Baron Brrr. The water spouts will direct you to a Hidden Power Star

Follow the arrows to lead you to Baron Brrr. The water spouts will direct you to a Hidden Power Star (left), use the Bomps as steps to help you reach the peak of Baron Brrr. (right)

Reaching the Summit

You then need to follow the path that goes round that level of this peak and make your way onto these wooden blocks floating on the water. Staying on these wooden blocks too long causes them to sink. The last wooden block has a Ice Flower which you will need to get to the next segment.

When you have the Ice Flower head towards the Bomps moving left and right on the wall and use them to get to the Sling Star. You then need to use the Sling Star to launch upwards to the peak where you need to be Ice Mario to access. This is due to the fact that there are water spouts just in reach where you need to create a platform so you can reach the top. This will then start the boss battle with Baron Brrr himself.

(1 of 3) You will find an Ice Flower at the end of the wooden platforms but you will have to move quick due to its time limit

Baron Brrr Boss Fight

The arena you’re in will be filled with the same ice cold water so you can’t stay in it too long. Baron Brrr will stay atop his platform and begin shooting hunks of ice at you. To get to him you have to get the Ice Flower which you can find if you follow the path of platforms to your left. The platforms heading right will have Coins. When you’re Ice Mario you can create a path to Baron Brrr’s raised platform.

The Ice Flower is hidden within the back left of Baron Brrr’s platform. Use it to reach him and get up close!

Once you have the Ice Flower you can reach his elavated platform by wall jumping. When you’re on Baron Brrr’s platform he will slam himself on the ground to create a shockwave. The shockwave can knock you off the platform but can be dodged by jumping over the visible wave. If it does you will have to get the Ice Flower again to get yourself back up.

To damage Baron Brrr you have to spin attack him which will cause him to shrink and become more vulnerable. When he is smaller he will still try and evade you but all you need to do is pursue him and use your spin attack.

(1 of 2) Spin attack Baron Brrr when he’s in this form and he will shrink

Spin attack Baron Brrr when he’s in this form and he will shrink (left), he will be vulnerable for you to inflict damage in this form but he will try and jump to avoid you. (right)

After the first hit he will return back to his normal size and slam into the ground to create another shockwave. You need to repeat the process and spin attack him to shrink and then spin attack him again to inflict damage.

After the second hit he will return to his normal size while also spawning two Ice Bubbles. Making things more difficult given the size of the platform. It is best to defeat the Ice Bubbles first as they can freeze you in place for the shockwave to hit you.

The strategy will stay the same throughout the battle.

At this point you will only need to hit Barron Brrr with one more time. Following the same steps by making him shrink by spinning and then directly hitting his smaller form by spinning again. When hit three times Baron Brrr will shatter and the Power Star is now yours.

Another Power Star to add to the collection!

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