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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Galaxy Overview

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers an overview of Toy Time Galaxy. This galaxy is found within the Engine Dome and is unlocked with 40 Stars.

Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser

The goal of this level is to stop the Mecha-Bowser toy. You’ll also be introduced to a new Mario form: Spring Mario.


  • Bats - The Bats are found on the Mecha-Bowser’s arm. There are two of them and they will fly at you to damage you, but you can easily spin jump to defeat them.

  • Micro Mecha-Bowsers - Micro Mecha-Bowsers are metallic mini Bowser toys. They will shoot fire out at you. To defeat them, you’ll need to perform a groundpound.

The Micro Mecha Bowsers are all over the place!

  • Sentry Beams - Sentry Beams are robots that will attack you by firing a concentrated laser at you. They cannot be destroyed but can be temporarily stopped if you stand on top of them.

  • Fire Bars - Firebars wont chase you but will cause obstruction to your path. They’re a rotating bars made up of fireballs and have a variety of formations.

  • Magikoopas - Magikoopas are wizard enemies that will shoot evil magic at you. If you jump on them they’re defeated quite easily.

  • Fire Shooter - These are similar to Bubble Shooters but instead of bubbles, they’ll shoot out a big flame! If you’re caught in its flames, you’ll burn and lose your Spring Mario form (if you have it).

Mario Meets Mario

During this level, you’ll need to make your way over to the 8-bit Mario planet and collect all five Silver Stars. Within this level, you’ll also find the hidden level, The Flipswitch Chain.

New Enemies

  • Electric rails - Electric rails are electrical barries that will electrocute Mario. In this level, they cannot be turned off so you’ll just need to avoid them.

  • Big Amps - Big Amps are electrical black orbs, they are not animate, but will damage you if you touch them.

Other Enemies

  • Sentry Beamers
  • Big Amps
  • Micro Mecha-Bowsers

Hidden Star Level: The Flipswitch Chain

This hidden star level is found within the Mario Meets Mario level. It has it’s own secret area, with its own enemies. The Flipswitch planet is also found within the comet level, Fast Foes of Toy Time.

New Enemies

  • Spikey Platforms - Spikey platforms are inanimate and will just move along a preset path. If you walk into their spikes, you’ll be damaged, but you can step on them and use them as standard paths, just avoid their edges.

  • Tox Boxes - Tox Boxes look a little like Thwomps except they roll around a path, fatally squashing you if you’re in their way. The only way to avoid them is to stand on a tile when they land with their mouth open. This will protect you and you can get behind or past them on their path.

The Tox Boxes will be extra speedy in Fast Foes of Toy Time.

Other Enemies

  • Sentry Beamers
  • Big Amps
  • Micro Mecha-Bowsers
  • Electric rails

Bouncing Down Cake Lane

Your goal in this level is to make it down Cake Lane and defeat the Undergrunt Gunner atop the balloon jar.

New Enemies

  • Ring Beamers - Like Sentry Beamers these guys will shoot out lasers. But they will shoot out laser rings meaning the only way to avoid being damaged is to jump over the laser as you can’t really move out of its way.

  • Electrogoombas - Electrogoombas are like normal Goombas except they’ll electrocute you if they run into you. To defeat them, either jump on their head or spin attack them and run into them whilst they’re incapacitated to boot them into the void.

The electrogoombas will be awaiting you on the icy paths.

  • Ice Bubbles - Ice Bubbles will charge at you to tackle you and if they hit you, you’ll take damage whilst also being frozen on the spot. To defeat them you need to spin attack or shoot a Star Bit at them to put them out. Once their icey exterior is gone you can run into them to them. However, be careful not to kick them back into the freezing water as this will recharge them and they’ll come right back at you.

  • Thorny flowers - Thorny flowers will prick you if you go near them. You cannot spin attack or jump on them. The only way to get rid of them is to spin a coconut or a green bulb sprout at them.

Other Enemies

  • Mini Mecha-Bowsers
  • Fire Shooters

Boss Enemy - Undergrunt Gunner

you’ll need to use a Spring Mushroom to jump up onto the Gunner’s machine rather than fly over to it like in the Gold Leaf Galaxy boss fight. This is straightforward enough, but watch out for the flame shooters and the Gunner’s flaming cannonballs. When you’ve reached the Gunner’s machine, groundpound the glass casing to damage him. You’ll need to do this three times to defeat him for good. After the second hit, he will become very angry and shoot out cannon balls faster so be careful!

The Undergrunt Gunner will shoot flaming cannon balls at you.

Spring Mario

Spring Mario is available in the Heavy-Metal Mecha Bowser and Bouncing Down Cake Lane levels. Spring Mario takes a little bit of getting used to. You will bounce about constantly, which will be a bit disorienting at first. You can also hold or press A/B to jump extra high! This is great for getting to high platforms and ledges but it can be a bit tricky to control where you land, so be careful!

Spring Mario can bounce very high!

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