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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

100 Coins in Tiny-Huge Island

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts
Total Coins Coins from Enemies
191 102

Tiny-Huge Island has the most coins out of any course in the game, as you can see from the coin count in the above table. Since the course is divided into the Huge Island and Tiny Island, you should know that Huge Island has a whopping 158 of those coins. So, there really isn’t any point to go to Tiny Island at all, since you can get all the necessary coins on Huge Island. It’s important to remember that when traversing Huge Island, you will want to Ground Pound the Grand Goombas, as you will receive a Blue Coin, versus a single yellow coin from just jumping on top of them.

When you drop into Huge Island, you will be in an area with three Grand Goombas, as well as a wooden pole. Ground Pound the Goombas for three Blue Coins, then run around the wooden pole until five coins come out of it (20). Head through the doorway and take out both the Lakitu and Fly Guy for seven more coins, then the Koopa Troopa for another five (32). Go to the top of the slope here to find two more coins (34). Head to the area with the cannon now to find another Fly Guy, as well as another Grand Goomba (41). Continue along, collecting the five coins on the thin wooden walkway after the windy jump (46). By the pipe before the rolling Big Steelies, you will find another two Grand Goombas (56).

(1 of 2) Make sure you Ground Pound all the Grand Goombas

Make sure you Ground Pound all the Grand Goombas (left), as that will make them drop a Blue Coin (right)

As you move up the hills with the rolling iron balls, you will be able to collect five more coins (61). At the split, take the lower path, collecting the four coins just past the iron balls dispenser (65). At the end of this area down past the Big Steelies, you will find another two Goombas (75). Back at the split, take the upper path to get another Goomba, as well as the Chuckya (85). There will also be another five coins on the larger wooden walkway leading to the top of the mountain, but that’s all that will be up that way (90). At the end of the wooden walkway, you can drop down to the lone tree in the course, where there’s another Goomba, as well as one more in the area below the tree (100).

Use the cannon to blast your way back up to the tree, then traverse the wooden walkway here to collect five more coins (105) and enter the Red Coin cave. Here, you can collect the eight Red Coins, as well as two Blue Coins from the Blue Coin Block (131).

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