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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Galaxy Overview

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers an overview of Bowser’s Dark Matter Plant, which is the Boss galaxy of the Bedroom dome. It requires 33 stars to unlock the galaxy.

Darkness on the Horizon


  • Dry Bones - Dry Bones are skeleton versions of Koopa Troopas. They cannot be defeated permanently but jumping on them will temporarily incapacitate them.

  • Goombas - Goombas will simply run at you and try to damage you by touching Mario. To defeat them, spin attack them then run at them to kick them away, or just jump on their head.

  • Goombeetles - Goombeetles are Goombas who have helmets and therefore cannot be defeated by jumping on their heads. They will still head towards you like any regular Goomba but you will have to spin attack them with Y making them vulnerable to your jump attack or you can knock them into the planets core as they continue to spin around.

The goombeetle will be awaiting you at the end of the gravity rooms.

Boss Fight - Bowser

Bowser attacks in a variety of ways, and the different attacks can be found listed below:

  • Fire Balls - He will spit out a few fireballs and they will bounce around for a bit before disappearing. They are easy to avoid but will inflict fire damage if they hit you.

  • Electric waves - When he jumps, Bowser will create circular electrical waves that go around the entire planet. To avoid them, you’ll need to jump over them. Sometimes he will create up to 3 consecutive rings that you’ll need to jump over one after the other to avoid.

  • Groundpound - When close to you, Bowser will attempt to groundpound you. You can easily get out of the way of these attacks. You will also need to utilise these groundpounds to take him down during this boss fight.

  • Dark Spin attack - This is essentially a spin attack that will damage and push you back. It is a new attack that Mario will encounter in this boss fight against Bowser.

Bowser will mix and match which of these attacks he will perform. You will want to get him to groundpound specifically on the blue domes though. So run up to him and guide him towards one of the many blue domes and then get him to groundpound it. Make sure you’re not standing on it though as it will smash and expose fiery lava.

The Dark Spin attack is a new addition to Bowser’s attack moves.

This lava will damage Bowser causing him to run away from Mario. You will need to run around the planet in the opposite direction to catch him, as you won’t be able to chase him in the same direction he is running - he’s too fast! When you catch him, spin attack quickly to incapacitate him. This will cause him to spin around the island in his shell. Do the same thing as before and run the opposite direction to where he is headed so you catch him on his path. Spin him again to damage him. If you don’t catch him in time during either of these phases, you will have to repeat the process again.

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