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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Sunbaked Sand Castle

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


The page offers a guide on the Sunbaked Sand Castle Power Star in the Dusty Dune Galaxy.

The Rising Sands

You’ll start the level on a platform with large Brick Blocks above you and a button. When you press the button the platform will start to rise. As you ascend you’ll encounter a Cluckboom, ? Coin, Star Bits, 1-Up Mushroom and a Life Mushroom. You’ll need to avoid getting crushed by the Brick Blocks as you go up and they stay in place. Once you reach the top there’ll be a Launch Star to take you to the next planet.

The Brick Blocks will act as hazards as they wont move as your platform rises.

Tower of Star Chips

On this planet you will see a Star Chip in the center along with a button. There will also be a Koopa Troopa and Dry Bones that can damage you. You’re going to need to collect five Star Chips to make the Launch Star appear. By pressing the button, a tower will start to emerge and rise from the center of the planet and reveals that the Star Chips are placed in a variety of locations around the tower.

There will be a Star Chip in a chest, halfway up the tower, that you will need the a Green Shell from the Koopa Troopa from earlier. A Green Shell and a Koopa Troopa will continue to spawn for this reason.

Once you have collect all the Star Chips, a Launch Star appears at the top of the tower. It takes you to a small planet that has rising and falling levels of sand. Here you’ll find yourself faced with coconuts, Mini Goombas, Red and Blue Crabbers and a Big Thorny Flower. You need to spin attack the Coconuts to launch them at the Big Thorny Flower to defeat it. When you defeat the flower another Launch Star will appear to take you to the next planet.

A Launch Star appears at the top of the Tower to take you to your next destination!

A Wild Big Pokey Appears

You’ll land on one out of two planets in an area. There’ll be a Sling Star on each so you can travel between them. The planet you land on will have a Big Pokey who you need to defeat. Similair to the Big Thorny Flower, if you touch Big Pokey in anyway you will take damage. You have to go to the other nearby planet which is covered with coconuts.

Once you get to the other planet - spin attack the coconuts to launch them to the other planet. They will head towards the other planet and will fall on the surface due to gravity. You can do this by by hitting the coconut at a distance where you can see the horizon and the other planet, rather than hitting the coconut directly under the planet.

When you have a coconut on Big Pokey’s planet, use that coconut to reduce Big Pokey to a head. Jump on the head to defeat Big Pokey for good and cause a Launch Star to appear. If you dont jump on his head in time, he will reform and you’ll have to get another coconut.

(1 of 3) This would be the best angle to guarantee your coconut makes it to the other side

Descending the Upturned Castle

The Launch Star will take you to the underside of the final planet where the Power Star resides in an castle. You’ll be able to see a wooden box hiding a Warp Pipe outside and it’ll take you inside the castle.

When you have taken a few steps inside the castle, it’ll start receding and slowly become filled with sand. As the sand levels rise you need to make your way through the castle, sometimes having to wait for sand levels to reach a certain height so you can progress. In addition, you’ll be faced with wooden obstacles that you can break with your spin attack but this will slow down.

(1 of 2) The castle will have obstacles that you can break with your spin attack

The castle will have obstacles that you can break with your spin attack (left), you’ll also need to worry about the castle sinking and filling up with sand! (right)

The Power Star will be waiting at the end of the tower and will be all yours, given that you dont get crushed along the way.

After a stress inducing tower, the Power Star is finally yours!

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