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Super Mario 3D All-Stars


Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
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Seren Morgan-Roberts

As the fourth course in Super Mario 64, Cool, Cool Mountain is located to the right of Bob-Omb Battlefield and requires three Power Stars to enter. The name is pretty descriptive of the course, as it is a snowy mountain. You will begin at the top of the mountain, where you should see a shack that has a tree next to it. On the ledge above the shack is a baby penguin, which is important for one of the stars. Behind your starting position, there is a broken bridge and standing at the edge will teleport you down to the bottom of the mountain.

(1 of 2) The warp at the top of the mountain

The warp at the top of the mountain (left), as well as the bottom will be important in getting around (right)

Back at the top, if you jump into chimney of the shack, you will find a slide. This slide is home to two of the stars for this course, but also contains a lot of coins. Halfway down the slide, you should see a trail of coins pointing to the wall. Follow these coins and you will go through a secret passageway. At the bottom of the slide, you can exit via the door and will be at the bottom of the mountain. Just down from the baby penguin at the top of the course is a wooden platform that has a pedestal, which will be used for a later star.

As you head down the mountain on the normal path, which is going to result in Mario sliding, you will want to stop at the point where you have wooden fences on either side of you. Pause your game at this point and the camera should pan out, showing you a ledge with some ice on it, as well as a yellow box. Right before the U-Turn on the icy slope, you can try to jump over to a normal path that contains a Blue Coin Block. There’s also two broken bridges near here, where you will see the shadow of the Red Coin star and a Red Coin.

Return to the regular path and continue sliding down, where you will see the path splits into a lower and upper section. The upper section will lead you to a snowman on a similar pedestal as on the top of the mountain. The lower section has some trees, as well as another path leading to a lift line, although the lift is at the bottom. There is also a cannon along the lower section, but it is closed. If you approach the lift area, you will see a small island in the middle, where a Bob-Omb Buddy is standing. It is possible to Long Jump to this small island, if you wanted to do that.

(1 of 2) The Blue Coin Block can be found on a side path when going down the mountain

The Blue Coin Block can be found on a side path when going down the mountain (left), The Mr. Blizzards on the long bridge cannot be defeated (right)

Double back to the upper section of the split to come to a long bridge, which will have two Mr. Blizzards jumping along it. On the other side of the bridge, you will be on the other side of the two broken bridge pieces that had a Red Coin. Continue down the ramp and you will be above the shack at the bottom of the mountain. There is a big penguin here, who is a mother, and she is looking for her child. You will find a baby penguin on top of the bottom shack, plus there’s the one from the top of the mountain mentioned earlier.


  • Mr. Blizzard: Snowmen that appear in a few areas of the level. The ones on the bridge will simply jump back and forth, paying no mind to Mario. The one by the ramp to the lower shack will jump out of the ground when you get close. This one can be defeated by running circles around it.

  • Spindrift: Found throughout the level, Mario can jump on these enemies to launch himself in the air. While in the air, Mario will slowly descend to the ground, although you can use this to reach some areas more easily.

Ground Pound the Spindrifts to make it easier to grab the coins they drop

1-Up Locations

  • In one of the trees by the Snowman’s head

  • Two are found in the slide’s shortcut (false wall)

  • In a yellow box on the slightly hidden ledge with a Red Coin

  • In a yellow box by where the path splits while sliding down mountain normally; before snowman’s head

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