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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Grand Star Rescue

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page is a walkthrough on how to get your first Grand Star. This page will also guide you through the introductory scenes of the game.

Star Festival

When you begin the game, it is the eve of the Star Festival, which is being held in Toad Town, the capital of Mushroom Kingdom. Princess Peach has asked that you head over to her castle. The journey to the castle is the perfect time to get used to the controls. For more information on the controls and actions you can perform, head over to Controls.

Take the time to learn some of the controls. Some actions can be a bit tricky to master!

During your walk to the castle, you’ll also want to pick up some Star Bits using your Star Cursor. If you’re playing in handheld mode you can control the Star Cursor using the touch screen, or if your Switch is docked then you can use motion controls to move around the cursor - like a Wii remote!

When you reach the town square, you’ll trigger a cutscene where you’ll witness Bowser’s attack on Toad Town. After the cutscene, continue north towards the castle, where Peach will be calling for help.

Bowser attacks Toad Town and steals Princess Peach!

Once you get to the castle, another cutscene will play and you’ll witness Bowser picking up Peach’s entire castle and whisking her off into space. Kamek will then use his evil magic to chuck Mario into the space void.

Star Bunnies

After being chucked into space by Kamek, Mario awakes on an unknown planet where you’ll be greeted by a Star Bunny. When you follow the Star Bunny, he’ll introduce you to two other Star Bunnies, who will then propose you play hide and seek with them.

The Star Bunnies want to play hide and seek!

Once you find the bunnies in the following locations, you’ll need to chase and catch them:

  • Warp Pipe - There are two green warp pipes on this planet. Jump into either and a Star Bunny will pop out!

  • Crater - When you jump into the large crater near the tower, a bunny will appear.

  • Grass - Near one of the warp pipes, you’ll find a patch of grass surrounded by trees. Run through the grass to reveal the final bunny.

When you’ve found and caught all Star Bunnies, a tower will rise from the ground. Head up the tower steps to meet the mysterious princess atop the tower.


The Princess atop the tower is Rosalina. She will ask for your help to find Grand Stars. She asks Luma (the white star bunny) to help you in your quest. With Luma’s help, you’ll now be able to do a spin kick! To perform a spin press Y or shake the righ Joy-con if you’re using Joy-con motion controls.

(1 of 2) With Luma’s help, you can perform spin attacks

With Luma’s help, you can perform spin attacks (left), Rosalina hopes with Luma’s help you’ll be able to rescue the Grand Stars. (right)

Use your new spin attack to break the crystal and reveal the Launch Star. Then, to use the Launch Star, walk into it then spin again. It will then launch you onto a new small planet.

Find the Star Chips

When you land on the new planet, you’ll then need to find 5 star chips to help rebuild another Launch Star. Be careful where you walk on this planet though, there’s an exposed black hole that you could fall into! If you fall into the black hole, you’ll lose a life.

You’ll need to collect all the Star Chips to continue.

The Star Chips are easy to find so just run around the planet and avoid falling into the black hole. There are also comets falling so you’ll need to watch you don’t get hit by one. If you take any damage, collecting Gold Coins will heal you back up!

Once you’ve found the Star Chips, you can then use a new Launch Star to hop over onto a new planet.

Free the Lumas - Part 1

When you arrive on the new planet, you’ll be tasked with finding the key to free a Luma trapped in a glass container. One of the Goombas on the planet will have the key. To attack them, spin attack and then run at them when they’re incapacitated.

The Lumas need you to free them!

When you’ve got the key, head back to the captured Luma to free it. The Luma will then turn into a Sling Star. When you spin near the Sling Star you’ll be flung onto a new planet.

Free the Lumas - Part 2

On this new planet, you’ll also need to help free a Luma. This time though, the key will is being held by a large, scary looking Goomba. He isn’t actually that much harder to defeat. You can use the same spin attack to incapacitate him and then boot him into the void.

Spin the Goombas to incapacitate them.

When you’ve grabbed the key dropped by the big Goomba, head back to the captured Luma. When you free them, he will transport down a warp pipe. You’ll need to follow them down the pipe to proceed.

Grand Star Rescue!

When you go down the warp pipe, you’ll end up in a large machine room, where a Grand Star is being used to power an awful contraption.

To disable the machine, you’ll need to stand on all of the flipswitches. When they’re disabled they will turn from yellow to blue. There are 12 flipswitches in the immediate vicinity of the Grand Star, and then 4 more around the outskirts of the room. When you’re moving around the room, be careful not to get hit by the exposed electric wires! There are also some Goombas ready to attack you as well.

The Flipswitches will turn blue when stood on.

When you’ve disabled all flipswitches, the Grand Star will be free to take. When you’ve taken the Grand Star you’ll be transported to Rosalina’s Comet Observatory.

Congratulations on your first Grand Star!

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