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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Hidden Star: Conquering the Summit

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This hidden star is obatainable during The Frozen Peak of Baron Brrr level in Freezeflame Galaxy.

Surpassing a Penguin

As this is hidden star is found on the same level as The Frozen Peak of Baron Brrr, you have to play through some of the same segments. You again need to start the level by catching the penguin by skating after him to keep up with him. After you catch him the launch Star will be available to send you to the bottom of the peak.

The Ascent of the Mountain

You’ll land on a slide that will take you to an icey platform that’s has a few Goombas. They can be easily disposed of and avoided if you prefer not to engage with them. Just be careful, if you spin attack you’ll begin skating which can throw you off balance due to the sudden change in speed.

Head towards the ? Coin to make the Ice Flower appear, as you will need it to access the upper levels of the summit. Once you become Ice Mario, quickly get to the water spouts on the wall to create ice platforms to make your way upwards.

Heading up the Water Spout

To get access to the path to the hidden star, instead of following the path filled with Goombas and a directional arrow - simply continue to head right and use the water spouts provided to get to a different section of the mountain. To ensure you get to the diverging path, you will have to triple jump your way up the second set of water spouts. You can do this by jumping consecutively with the right spacing and timing.

You’re going to have to triple jump using the water spouts to get high enough to reach the Sling Star.

You’ll find a Sling Star waiting for you. The Sling Star will take you to an even further side of the mountain, where you’ll find new obstacles in the form of snowmen who block your path.

Fire Mario Heats Things Up

When you land there’ll be a Fire Flower in a crystal that you break free using your spin attack. Once you become Fire Mario by touching the Fire Flower, you now have the ability to shoot fireballs by pressing Y. Similair to the Ice Flower you can only hold this form for a limited amount fo time.

In this new area you’ll encounter Ice Bats who will fly at you and causing you to freeze and take damage if you get hit.They can only be defeated by hitting them with fireballs but will back away if you use a spin attack. They will usually leave you alone when you create enough distance and leave their territory. Using your new powers, you need to shoot fireballs at the snowmen blocking your path.

Use Fire Mario’s fireballs to get rid of the snowmen.

After clearing a path, you’ll see a set of steps that have Bomps and you’ll need to make your way up them without getting pushed off. You’ll find yourself being met with another snowman, which you’ll have to destroy with your fireballs. Destroying the snowman will reveal another Sling Star which will take you further up the mountain.

Ice Bats are cold to the touch and will instantly freeze if they make physical contact.

Boulder Barrage

There will be a Fire Flower incased in crystal that you can use to destroy the snowman in the path ahead. It’s best to get rid of the snowman when youre at a safe distance away from hazrds. The hazrds on this path are mainly the boulders coming out of the side of the mountain. If you get hit you will be knocked off, which can be quite a setback considering the nature of this level.

Boulder’s will emerge from caverns on the side of the walls.

Follow the path and you will see Bomps within the wall and will come out to act as obstacles as they try and push you off. In front of them are three Shrinking Tiles, which will have two Coins and a 1-Up Mushroom above them. They can be aquired with a well timed jump. Just be aware of the Bomps as you jump back onto the side of the mountain as they can block you from doing so.

The gaps between each Bomp will keep you safe from being pushed off. The green tiles will also begin to shrink as soon as you land on them!

Continue along the path and you will need to use a Bomp as a step to get to a higher platform. You’ll come into contact with two more Ice Bats, but you will at least have a Fire Flower nearby to defeat them if you wish. After passing the Ice Bats you need to move uphill where another boulder will come out of the side of the mountain and be coming towards you. Luckily there are extensions on the side of the mountain where you can avoid the boulder and wait for opening. When you reach the snowman, hit it with your fireball to reveal the final Sling Star on this level.

(1 of 2) You have to make it to the snowman before the Fire Flower wears off

You have to make it to the snowman before the Fire Flower wears off (left), to destroy the snowman and reveal the final Sling Star (right)

The Wall Jump

The next climb you have to make will test you on your precision. Making your way up the narrow path, there will be another Ice Bat. As there is no Fire Flower available, it is best to avoid the enemy and create as much distance as you can to reduce the risk of the Ice Bat knocking you off the mountain. Following the narrow path and making a risky jump onto a block, you’ll need to wall jump to reach the top before a stack of Bomps push you off.

Wait for the Bomps to retreat and then use the space to wall jump to reach the top before they come out!

Wait for the Bomps to retract within the mountain and that will give you the space to wall jump to reach the higher level. With good timing you should be able to reach the top. After the wall jump, all you have left to do is traverse a few steps to reach the Power Star.

(1 of 2) The Power Star will be waiting for you at the highest point

The Power Star will be waiting for you at the highest point (left), as soon as you obtain the star thats the summit conquered! (right)

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