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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Chip Off Whomp's Block

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts

When you begin this course, you will start by a tree, which you can use to get to the area just above it. Additionally, you can also double jump or Side Somersault from the brown path. However you do it, once you’re on the stone ramp, go to the top of it and you should find a few ways to go. The Thwomp is the correct direction to go, so ignore it and head to where you see the Piranha Plant. These Piranha Plants are sleeping and will remain that way if you slowly move past them. However, get close enough while moving quickly will cause them to wake up, with the Piranha Plants trying to take a bite out of Mario.

(1 of 2) Jumping on a fallen Whomp’s back will spawn some coins

Jumping on a fallen Whomp’s back will spawn some coins (left), Time a Ground Pound as they’re falling to go right through the Whomp (right)

Past that above Piranha Plant, you will find another just around the corner, along with a bridge that gives way as you cross it. It’s easy to get past this, but there will be a rotating bridge after it. Wait until you can walk onto this rotating bridge, quickly get in the middle, then when it moves to the other side, get off of it. Ignore anything else and continue to the Whomp enemy, which will give you good practice for the boss of this course. Whenever you stand in front of the Whomp, it will attempt to crush you by falling forward. While it’s on the ground, you will see that its back is beat up and completely exposed. Perform a Ground Pound on the fallen Whomp to defeat it. There’s another Whomp around the corner and behind it are familiar moving platforms, which will allow you to reach the top of the course, where the Whomp King awaits.

BOSS - Whomp King

The Whomp King is no different than normal Whomps

There’s not really any difference between the Whomp King and the normal Whomps, as you simply bait it into falling down, then perform a Ground Pound once it’s on the ground. One major difference is that the Whomp King is quite large, so it covers a larger area when falling. However, this size is also a negative, since you can literally just run in between his legs, perform a Side Somersault and instantly Ground Pound him. Do this three times (it doesn’t do anything different at all throughout the battle) to get the Power Star.

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