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Super Mario 3D All-Stars


Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts

To get to this course, you will need to clear Bowser in the Fire Sea in the basement of the castle to get a key that opens the door in the main lobby. Go up the stairs to the next floor and look for the door in a small recess. If you picked the correct one, you should be in a room with a mirror. You should notice a bunch of paintings in this room, all of which are reflected in the mirror, except for a single one. This painting not being reflected is located to the left of where you entered, and it’s a painting of a snowman. So, while facing the mirror, jump at the wall on this side of the mirror to find the entrance to Snowman’s Land.

(1 of 2) Head through this door

Head through this door (left), then jump into this wall to find Snowman’s Land (right)

This course is a somewhat open field of snow, with a giant snowman in the middle of it. When you are dropped into the course, you will be right next the cannon, as well as the Red Coins’ star’s shadow. To your left will be an open field, with a small structure made out of ice. To the right of where you enter, there will be a bunch of hills, complete with a small valley that blasts you with wind. There is an Amp in that little valley, too, but once you’re trapped in there, you can’t keep going forward because of the strong wind. If you head to the corner of the stage past the windy valley, there is a tree that that should you stand near it, you will be warped to a freezing pond.

Returning to the hilly area of the map, there will be a ramp that leads to an icy platform with a Chill Bully. Note that the frozen pond underneath the Bully acts as if it were lava, so avoid it at all costs (note the Red Coins on it). Beyond that will be another open field-like area, with some enemies. Pass the snow mound and you will reach the freezing pond from the warp, if you took it earlier. You can actually swim in this water, but Mario will lose health even if he’s at the surface, so once again, it’s best to avoid it if you can. At the small gap, if you look to the left, you should see a coin trail leading up a slope.

Standing next to this tree right here will warp you to the freezing pond

This will lead to the entrance of the igloo, the inside area of this course. Getting up that slope isn’t possible without the Koopa shell, but there is another way to get to it. Cross the small gap and there will be mounds of snow being pushed from the narrow path. There will be a pattern here, of four smaller mounds, then a larger one. Keep this path in mind for now and head in the other direction, which seems like a dead end with some Spindrifts in the water. If you jump on the Spindrift right by the water’s edge, while holding forward, you should manage to get to the upper ledge just beyond.

There is both a star in the one yellow box, as well as a Koopa shell in the other. From here, you can access an upper section nearby that just has Red Coins on it, as well as a single enemy. Doubling back to that path that had moving snow mounds, push your way to the end and jump to the ledge above where the snow is coming. Follow this path up to an icy bridge, where you see a giant penguin moving about here. Should you step foot on icy bridge, the snowman will begin blowing powerful gusts of wind. This wind will push you off the bridge, as well as blowing your hat off. You will need to keep steps with the penguin, using it as cover, to reach the other side. The top of the snowman’s head has a star, as well as a tree that yields a 1-Up.

(1 of 2) If the snowman blows you off, your hat will be knocked off

If the snowman blows you off, your hat will be knocked off (left), You can actually Triple Jump over this wall to reach the igloo (right)

Inside the Igloo

To get inside the igloo, you will need the Koopa shell, with its location pointed out above. Look for the slope with the coin trail by the freezing pond and use the Koopa shell to get to the igloo. There is another way to get to the igloo without using the Koopa shell, though, which involves doing a Triple Jump. Go to the area past the moving snow mounds, but stop right before the wooden walkway that brings you to the start of the icy bridge. The wall right there is the one behind the igloo, so you will need a properly positioned Triple Jump to get over it and be right next to the igloo. Note that you will need to crawl to enter the igloo itself.

There’s not really much to do inside of the igloo, as it most consists of ice walls and enemies. The Bob-Omb Buddy is located in here, on the opposite end from the entrance, so if you’re looking to use the cannon at all, you will need to speak with it first. In the one corner of the igloo, there is a Vanish Cap. This powerup allows you to walk through the ice walls, so you can grab the coins inside the one wall or just use it to grab the star.


  • Amp: There is only a single Amp in the level, located in the windy valley. If you get stuck in the little “pit” there, the Amp will be annoying.

  • Fly Guy: There is only one Fly Guy in the stage and it can be found flying around the windy valley.

  • Goombas: Any Goomba you find in the level will be inside the igloo.

  • Moneybags: These enemies disguise themselves as normal coins, but once you get close, their true self will appear. They will hop around a few times, then walk around for a bit. Note that after a while, they can resume their cloaking as a coin.

Moneybags will be disguised as a real coin, but turn into an enemy when you get close

  • Mr. Blizzards: You will find a few of these enemies in the outside portion of the level, where they only appear when you get close and try to pelt you with snowballs. Run around them until they topple over, but they can respawn again (only give coins once).

  • Spindrifts: The most prominent enemy in the course, Spindrifts behave the same as they do in Cool, Cool Mountain.

1-Up Locations

  • Past Chill Bully, in open field, in yellow box

  • Top of the snowman’s head, climb the tree there

  • Inside the Igloo; In the yellow box by the Bob-Omb Buddy

  • Inside the Igloo; Inside an ice wall (requires Vanish Cap)

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