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Super Mario 3D All-Stars


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This page offers an overview on Delfino Plaza which acts as the hub for Super Mario Sunshine, allowing access to the other areas.

Polluted Piranha

Once Mario is released from prison, you’ll find yourself in the plaza itself. Familiarize yourself with the controls and then head forward to speak to Princess Peach to learn about the commotion just in front of you. Head on over to the right to discover a large gathering of mud, you know what to do, bust out FLUDD.

You’ll have to watch out for any Swoopin’ Stus it may spawn while you go about your work, these critters will wander about aimlessly leaving goop until they spot Mario, at which point they’ll turn white and head for him, inflicting damage upon contact. You can defeat these by either jumping on them (which will leave a puddle of goop behind) or by a quick splash of water from FLUDD. Regardless of how you deal with them, the main task is to remove the mud and defeat the Polluted Piranha that resides within. You’ve already dealt with one on the Airstrip and the same tactics apply here, wait for it to open it’s mouth and use FLUDD to strike it with water.

Upon defeat, the statue will return with Shadow Mario atop it, before anything can be done, he’ll leap off and run away, snatching Princess Peach in the process. Take off after them, heading back the way you came, using the ZR button as you get close to attack Shadow Mario. Once you reach the wall, use a Side Sommersault by making a U-turn while running before jumping, granting you extra height. After dealing enough damage, he’ll drop Peach and return to the Square, give chase once more and you’ll spot him spray graffiti on the wall and leap through it, unlocking the path to the first Area, Bianco Hills.

(1 of 2) Take care of any Swoopin’ Stus that may get too close to Mario

Take care of any Swoopin’ Stus that may get too close to Mario (left), then focus your FLUDD on the Piranha’s mouth once it’s open. (right)

Unlocking other Areas

As mentioned above, Delfino Plaza serves as your hub for Super Mario Sunshine and the other Areas are all unlocked within this space.

Area Condition
Bianco Hills Chase Shadow Mario to the statue
Ricco Harbor Collect 3 Shines and defeat the Polluted Piranha on the west side of the Plaza
Gelato Beach Collect 5 Shines and defeat the Polluted Piranha on the northeast side of the Plaza
Pinna Park Collect 10 Shines and follow Mario through the cannon
Sirena Beach Complete Episode 4 of Pinna Park and defeat Shadow Mario in the Plaza
Noki Bay Collect 20 Shines and then look at the sun near the Shine Gate
Pianta Village Collect 30 Shines and collect the Turbo Nozzle from Shadow Mario at 25 Shines
Corona Mountain Complete Episode 7 in every Area and follow Shadow Mario
Delfino Airstrip Reopening Unlock Corona Mountain and then pay 10 coins to the Pianta near the Boathouse.

Other Events at Delfino Plaza

Besides unlocking the main levels above, there are a few other events that will take place as you collect Shines.

(1 of 2) Eventually, you’ll find Shadow Mario carrying items in Delfino Plaza

Eventually, you’ll find Shadow Mario carrying items in Delfino Plaza (left), Spray him like usual to get him to drop the items, unlocking them for use (right)

Event Condition
Yoshi Clear Episode 4 of Pinna Park to have Shadow Mario appear near the Grand Pianta Statue with a Yoshi egg
Turbo Nozzle Unlock Yoshi and collect 25 Shine Sprites
Rocket Nozzle Unlock the Rocket Nozzle and collect 30 Shine Sprites
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