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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Galaxy Overview

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers an overview of Battlerock Galaxy. Battlerock Galaxy is located in the Fountain dome and costs 12 stars to unlock.

Whenever you do a different star, the galaxy will alter or new planets will be available. Each star challenge will have its own section with a guide on all of the enemies in that level.

Battlerock Barrage

During this level, you’ll have access to 3 different flying saucers. The aim of this level is to survive the cannonball barrage and use the bullet bills to free the Power Star!


  • Goombas - Goombas will simply run at you and try to damage you by touching Mario. To defeat them, spin attack them then run at them to kick them away, or just jump on their head.

  • Bullet Bills - These Bullet Bills will lock onto you and fly towards you if they spot you. The best way to defeat them in this level is to guide them into flying towards the cages to explode them.

  • Cannonballs - The Cannonballs aren’t alive, but there’s enough of them that they’re a bit of a threat! They won’t lock onto you, so you can easily just avoid them or jump on top of them to destroy them.

  • Big Amps - Big Amps are electrical black orbs, they are not animate, but will damage you if you touch them.

  • Goombeetles - Goombeetles are Goombas who have helmets and therefore cannot be defeated by jumping on their heads. They will still head towards you like any regular Goomba but you will have to spin attack them with Y making them vulnerable to your jump.

You can defeat the Bullet Bills by guiding them into the cages to destroy them. Two birds with one stone!

Breaking into the Battlerock

During this level you’ll have access to a few flying saucers and 3 planets. Your aim is to break into the Battlerock and then find the Power Star.

There is also a hidden star in this level, which gives you access to one extra planet - the Ammo Depot.


  • Chain Chomps - The chomps will run around in the same path and try to bite you if you’re in their way. You can defeat them using a Rainbow Star or using a Bob-omb.

  • Bob-ombs - Bob-ombs will explode 10 seconds after you’ve picked them up. You can throw them at things to blow them up. Walking Bob-ombs will begin their timer when they spot you. They’ll try to walk towards you to harm you. You can still pick them up and use them to explode things, though.

  • Floating Mines - The Spiky mines are inanimate but will damage you if you touch them.

You’ll need to navigate around lots of Space Mines in this level.

Topmaniac and the Topman Tribe

This level has access to several flying saucers and 4 other planet areas. Your goal in this level is to defeat the Topmaniac.

New Enemies

  • Spikey Topmen - Spikey Topmen will attempt to push you into electric barriers by spinning into you. You can’t defeat these enemies by jumping on them as they have a defensive spike on their heads that will damage you. Instead, you’ll need to spin them into electric barriers to defeat them.

  • Topminis - Topminis won’t damage you but they will try to knock you into electrical barriers by spinning into you. You can spin them into barriers or jump on them to defeat them.

  • Monty Moles - Monty Moles will throw spanners at Mario and retreat quickly underground when you approach. You won’t be able to jump on their heads, instead, you’ll want to either shoot them with some Star Bits or groundpound close to them to make them dizzy and then you can jump on them.

Monty Moles will hide underground if you’re too close!

  • Electrogoombas - Electrogoombas are like normal Goombas except they’ll electrocute you if they run into you. To defeat them, either jump on their head or spin attack them and run into them whilst they’re incapacitated to boot them into the void.

  • Jump Beamer - Jump Beamer will let out lots of circle laser beams that Mario will need to jump over in order to avoid getting hit. You will need to jump on the Jump Beamer’s head to utilise its spring, so you cannot defeat or damage it.

  • Fire Bars - Fire Bars will rotate and will often be an obstacle that Mario will have to jump over or wait for them to pass. They inflict fire damage, which makes Mario jump around erratically - especially dangerous when you’re on a narrow path!

Other Enemies

  • Goombas
  • Floating Mines

Boss Enemy - Topmaniac

Like most of the bosses, Topmaniac will have three phases. During the first one, there will only be the Topmaniac and a few Topminis. You’ll first need to jump on top of the Topmaniac to incapacitate it briefly. You can’t spin into it first as it has spike defences. When it’s temporarily down, you’ll need to spin it into the electrical barriers to the sides.

Jump on the Topmaniac, but watch out for its spikes!

The second phase is very similar, except there are a lot more Topminis about. Repeat the process again to damage him some more. During the final phase, a couple of Spikey Topmen will spawn to make the fight a little tougher. If you can, just ignore them and focus on the Topmaniac to defeat him. When he’s defeated, a Power Star will spawn.

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