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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

The Dirty Tricks of Major Burrows

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers an overview of The Dirty Tricks of Major Barrows level in Gusty Garden Galaxy.

Floaty Fluffs

Similar to the previous level in this galaxy, you’ll need to use the Floaty Fluffs to take you from one planet to the other. You’ll need to take two lots of Floaty Fluffs. The second Floaty Fluff journey is a bit tricky as it’s significantly longer than the previous FLoaty Fluff paths. Make sure you use Y or shake the Right Joy-con to give you boosts into the air so you don’t fall. You’ll need to really make sure you’re flying in the gust of wind.

Undergrunt Moles

After taking the Floaty Fluffs, you’ll land on a planet with an Undergrunt Mole burrowing around it. To take down the Mole, you’ll need to groundpound near it to incapacitate it. Then when he’s temporarily dizzied, jump on top of him to defeat him for good. Once he’s defeated, a Sling Star will spawn. Use that Sling Star to take you to the large ? planet.

On this planet, you’ll have to defeat the three Moles burrowing around. They’re relatively spread out across the planet, so you’ll need to look for them. When you’ve defeated all three, a Launch Star will spawn.

During this Launch Star, you’ll travel through a giant stone ring. Use the Pull Stars to get onto the ring. It is an optional area with a few coins and Star Bits - you can just pass through it if you’d prefer.

Groundpound the Undergrunts to progress through the level.

Apple Planets

On these next planets, you’ll need to groundpound the wooden stumps into the apples to cause the Big Caterpillar to travel to another apple, which will allow you to travel to those other apple planets by walking up the caterpillar’s body. On the final apple, groundpound the wooden stump with the shadow of a Launch Star on it to get the caterpillar to poke its head out. Then, jump on the caterpillar’s head to get to the Launch Star. You’ll be taken to a small planet with vines on it. Groundpound the wooden stump and grab the extra life mushroom that pops up - but watch out for the spiky vines! When you’re ready to face the boss, use the Launch Star to take you to the final level.

Groundpound the wooden stumps to get the caterpillar to travel between apples.

Major Burrows Boss Fight

When you arrive on the new planet, you’ll find Major Burrows chasing after a Star Bunny. To help out the Bunny, you’ll need to groundpound near the mole to stun it. Then, spin attack him to damage him.

Major Burrows will now begin to chase you! You can’t jump on its shell as it is spiky and will damage you. You’ll need to wait until he emerges and then groundpound near him to stun him again. Spin attack him again to damage him some more.

In his final phase, Major Burrows will be angry and red. He will burrow and speed around faster than before. You will need to stun him again using a groundpound, however, don’t try to spin attack him though as he will run at you and damage you. Instead, as he’s running at you, groundpound again! This will stun him and make him run away from you. Quickly chase after him to spin attack him - he will only run for a short period and then he’ll burrow into the ground and you’ll need to repeat the process again.

When you defeat him, you’ll be able to grab the Power Star and finish the level.

(1 of 2) Major Burrow will be extra fast when he’s in his final phase

Major Burrow will be extra fast when he’s in his final phase (left), but once you’ve defeated him, you’ll earn yourself a Power Star. (right)

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