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Five Itty Bitty Secrets

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts

Enter the course via the Tiny Island painting for this star, which will task you with finding five itty bitty secrets. If you recall the secrets from previous courses, you’re basically finding spots that will trigger a red number appearing. As the title of the star says, there are five secrets to be found and since you’re an extra large Mario on a tiny course, they aren’t particular difficult to find. When the stage begins, Long Jump over to the area with the Piranha Plant and hit the purple switch there to make the breakable blocks path appear. From the path that appears, you will be able to jump up to the path that the iron balls will be rolling down.

Now that you’re in the main area of the course, go ahead and approach the hole the iron balls are coming out of to find Secret #1. Your next target will be the little pool of water at the top of the mountain, but make sure to be extra careful on the thing wooden path near the top, as it’s easy to slip off of it. Once you touch the hole that’s in the water, you will uncover Secret #2. Drop down to the area you enter through the doorway at the beginning on Huge Island, where you will find the final three secrets. Secret #3 will be the doorway that you go through to reach this area, but it’s only accessible from the opposite side of which you begin.

(1 of 5) The location of the first secret

The next one will be the entrance leading to the cave with the Red Coins, which is a simple jump to reach Secret #4 (you don’t have to be on the walkway to trigger it). For the final secret, head on over to where the cannon is located and walk over the hole for it to trigger Secret #5. That is all five secrets and you will see where the star spawns, but you have to get to it now. It’s located on an isolated island that isn’t far from the Piranha Plants area. Head back over there and step on the purple switch, then follow the path that appears to the island and the star.


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