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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Comet Star: Battlestation's Purple Coins

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This level becomes available once a Purple Comet is in orbit of Space Junk Galaxy. This can only happen once you’ve completed The Fate of the Universe.

Collect all Purple Coins

During this level, your main objective is to stay on the platform and collect all 100 of the Purple Coins available.

The first 17 coins are easy to get - just stay on the moving platform and jump over the electric rails when you need to. After the 17th Purple Coin, you’ll need to jump upwards onto a new, upside down platform. Now, you’ll need to stay on this platform as it makes it’s way through the map. Again, this section is fairly straightforward as you just need to make sure to jump over obstacles and collect all the coins as you go. Depth perception can be a little off when you’re upside down, but just line yourself up with the coin shadows and you should be alright. Before you jump down onto the platform below, you should have collected another 15 coins, bringing your total thus far to 32/100.

After grabbing the first 17 Purple Coins, you’ll need to jump up onto an upside down platform.

When you jump onto the lower platform, quickly collect the 3 coins and then make your way onto the next moving platform. On the moving platform, you’ll find another 5 coins. Once you’ve grabbed the coins on the moving platform, quickly head up onto the level with the thwomp and grab the 3 coins to the side and beneath him. Before you move on though, you’ll need to grab the 3 slightly hidden purple coins above the thwomp! These are definitely easily missed. You’ll need to grab them quickly as the moving platform is still chugging on and if you’re too slow, you’ll miss it! Backflip onto the thwomp when it’s down and either jump or let it take you up to grab all 3 of the coins. Then, quickly jump down and get back onto the moving platform. The timing of this can be very tricky and might take you a couple of goes!

The coins above the Thwomp are definitely easily missed.

The platform will move sideways for a short while before ascending. Before it goes upwards, you should have collected 56/100 Purple Coins. You’ll then be able to collect 2 more coins during the ascent before you then need to jump onto a sideways platform going upwards.

Once again, you’ll need to stay on this platform as it makes its way along the path. There are a fair few coins to collect and you’ll need to jump for some of them. Before you move onto the next platform, you should have collected another 11 coins on this platform’s journey, bringing your total to 69/100 coins.

Now, you’ll need to jump onto yet another upside down platform. You’ll only be on this one for a short while, and after 2 coins, you’ll need to backflip onto a ledge where you can grab an extra 1 Purple Coin. Run back onto the moving upside down platform and grab another 2 coins before jumping down onto a platform below where you can collect another 4 Purple Coins. At this stage, you should have 78/100 coins. Almost there!

During this next section, you’ll need to grab some more coins as you make your way past a series of cannonball blasters. The cannonballs can be a tad annoying as they could just hit you straight off your platform, leading to you having to begin again. Before you head off from the cannonball section, you should have collected another 12 coins. Now you should have 90/100 Purple Coins.

During this final platform journey, you’ll need to collect 4 coins before longjumping to the Jump Beamer to the left. Watch out! You’ll need to get your timing right so you don’t get hit by the Jump Beamer’s laser rings. When you jump on top of the Jump Beamer, you can grab another 5 coins, bringing your total to 99/100. Don’t worry, you haven’t missed one. When you hover or jump over to the Jump Beamer to the right. Jump into the Launch Star and during your flight to the finishing area, you’ll grab the final coin you need! If you reach the ending with 100/100 Purple Coins, the Gearmo will give you a Power Star!

When you reach the end with 100 Coins you’ll earn yourself a Power Star!

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