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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

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Mario Meets Mario

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This is the second level available in Toy Time Galaxy. During this level, you’ll also have the opportunity to collect a hidden star, The Flipswitch Chain.

Collect the Star Launcher Chips

First things first, you’ll need to take the train over to the Launch Star. Alternatively, you could jump down onto the rail tracks and backflip into the Launch Star.

On the planet you land on, you’ll need to collect five Launch Star Chips. They are easily found as they’re on each of the main points of the planet:

  • On top of the Sentry Beam - Run over to the Sentry Beam (whilst avoiding its laser) and grab the star chip on its head.

  • In a crystal on the green block - For this star chip, you’ll need to spin attack and break the crystal.

  • Spring jump on the green block - On another side of the green block you’ll find a spring jump that you can use to grab another star chip.

You'll need to collect all five star chips to spawn in a launcher!

  • On the screw head - On the top of the giant screw head you’ll find a small spinnable screw. Before you screw it, jump to get the star chip that’s just above it. Then, spin the small screw.

  • On the screw tip - Once you’ve screwed the small screw, the big screw will move down, allowing you to travel down the screw to the tip so you can grab the final star chip. After you’ve gotten the final star chip, a Star Launcher will spawn on the tip of the screw.

8-Bit Mario

This next planet is made up of shrinking tiles, rotating platforms and lava and from far away it looks like the original 8-bit Mario. Your task on this planet is to collect all 5 of the silver stars to spawn in the Power Star. Whilst every player will take a different approach/path to each star, you should follow these tips to avoid leaving yourself stranded or falling into the void:

  • Long jump - Long jumping is definitely your best friend on this planet. It can help you conserve shrinking tiles and you’ll be able to dodge the rotating platforms that can slow you down.

  • Calculate your route - You should try to only walk on a 1x1 path to the stars, try to avoid zig-zagging across the paths as you’ll end up leaving yourself stranded with no more shrinking tiles to walk on.

If you’re really stuck on the best route, try following the path outlined below. Once you get the final silver star, you’ll need to make your way back to the starting wooden platform to grab the Power Star. Don’t worry, if you’ve followed the advice above and taken a similar route to the picture then you shouldn’t have an issue with getting back.

Follow this route and you'll have plenty of tiles to get back to the start once you've grabbed all the silver stars.


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