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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

King Kaliente's Battle Fleet

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page is dedicated to earning the 3rd Power Star in Good Egg Galaxy in the Terrace Dome.

Orange Warp Pipe

When you arrive on the starting planet again, you’ll notice that there’s a Launch Star on the house nearby the Electrogoombas. To get there you’ll need to enter the orange warp pipe on the underside of the planet, which you can reach by taking one of the bridges to your left or right.

Head down the orange warp pipe!

The Warp pipe will take you into a small room. Use the ramps to walk on the walls and then head to the ceiling and use the other orange warp pipe. If you hit the ? block, some musical notes will spawn, if you run through all of them you’ll earn a 1-up mushroom!

The other orange warp pipe will take you up to the roof of the house and you can use the Launch Star to travel to a new planet.

Thorny Flowers and Coconuts

When use the house Launch Star, you’ll be transported to a tropical planet with lots of thorny flowers. There will also be a Purple Toad trapped in a crystal, who you can free if you spin break the crystal. The Purple Toad will tell you to use coconuts to defeat the thorny flowers.

You’ll need to roll the coconuts towards the plants and then spin attack it to fling the coconut at the plant. When you defeat a thorny flower, it’ll reveal a Sling Star. Use it to travel to the next planet.

The thorny flowers can be destroyed using coconuts!

Big Pokey

When you reach the next tropical planet, you’ll be greeted by a Big Pokey. To defeat it you need to spin a coconut at it. After you’ve hit it with a coconut, you need to run and jump on its head to defeat it for good. A Launch Star will spawn after you’ve defeated it.

The Launch Star will take you to a planet with two Chain Chomps. Luckily, there’s another Launch Star right in front of you, so you can get straight off that planet.

Big Pokey will try to slam his head on you if you’re not fast enough.

Journey to the Battleship

Next up you’ll land on the bottom side of planet covered in live electric wires and Chomps ready to bite you. You need to journey up to the top surface of the planet by avoiding the electric and the Chomps. On the topside of the planet, you’ll then need to climp to the top of the military tank and break the crystal to reveal a Launch Star. This Launch Star will then take you to the Battleships.

Head to the top of the military tank that Bullet Bills are shooting out from.


When you reach the Battleship, two Octopus enemies will fire coconuts at you from the adjacent battleship. On the ship you land on, there will be a Green Toad trapped in a crystal, when you free him he will tell you to spin attack the coconuts so they fire back at the octopi. When you hit both octopus, the bridge between the battleships will lower, and you can walk across to the other ship. Climb to the deck where the shipwheel is located and you’ll find a Launch Star that’ll take you to the final boss of this level.

Shoot the octopus with their own coconuts to lower the bridge.

King Kaliente - Boss Battle

The theme of this whole level is hitting coconuts at enemies, and defeating King Kaliente is no different. He will spit out burning coconuts at you, but every so often he will also chuck out a coconut. You can’t spin the burning coconuts as they’ll damage you, but you can definitely spin attack the normal coconuts! You’ll need to hit King Kaliente with three coconuts to defeat him.

When you’ve defeated him, a Power Star will spawn!

(1 of 2) Spin the coconuts back at King Kaliente

Spin the coconuts back at King Kaliente (left), hit him three times to defeat him and earn a Power Star (right)

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