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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

100 Coins in Shifting Sand Land

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts
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136 50

Despite being similar to Lethal Lava Land, there are close to equal amounts of coins both outside and inside the pyramid. In fact, you have 74 coins outside of the pyramid and 62 inside it, so somewhere in the range of 60 coins is good enough for you to dive into the pyramid. It’s best to do this during In the Talons of the Big Bird, as you won’t have to worry about Klepto bothering you in the pyramid area.

(1 of 2) A well place Ground Pound can insta-defeat a Pokey

A well place Ground Pound can insta-defeat a Pokey (left), letting you grab its shiny Blue Coin (right)

At the beginning of the level, turn around and grab the Red Coin that’s behind you (2). Return to the starting platform, but ignore the hopping box for a second, only to take out the Fly Guy and two Bob-Ombs for four additional coins (6). Now, grab the hopping box and get it to break, which should give five coins (11). Head over to the stone structure and defeat the Pokey (a well-timed Ground Pound should be more than enough) for a Blue Coin, then take out the three Goombas on the ground floor (19). There is a small box you can throw here, but the only real place to throw it against is one of the pillars, plus one of the coins might end up on the upper portion of the stone structure. Also, don’t forget to grab the Red Coin hidden in one of the big boxes on the stone structure (24).

There will be another Pokey right before the walkways with the Tox Boxes, so don’t forget about it (29). Despite the potential for coins on the walkways with the Tox Boxes, there is only a solitary Red Coin there (31). Cross the area with the Tox Boxes to get to the oasis, where you’ll find another Red Coin in the waters there (33). Not too far from there will be one of the towers, which has a coin at the top, as well as another Pokey (39). On the way to the second pillar are five coins, then you can get another one on top of the pillar (45). Past the second pillar will be another hopping box, as well as a Pokey. It’s best to get the Pokey, at least, but if you don’t feel comfortable with the hopping box, you can ignore it (55).

Now, you will have a choice here, as there’s still four Red Coins, but they are the ones in the air. There’s also two lone coins on top of the other two pillars, should you want them, as well as five coins on the outside of the pyramid. That gives you another 15 coins, should you go and get them (70).

(1 of 2) Aim the bouncing box by the pyramid away from the quicksand

Aim the bouncing box by the pyramid away from the quicksand (left), There are a good number of coins to collect inside the pyramid (right)

Once you’re done with the outside area of the pyramid, go ahead and use the main entrance to go inside it. As soon as you enter, turn left around the first corner and you should see the Blue Coin Block. Ground Pound this and go straight from the entrance to find three Blue Coins in the sandy area (85). Go left from the main entrance to find two Goombas, but there won’t be anything else other than the dead end (87). Double back and take the right path from the entrance now, where you find three Goombas on the trail (90). Beyond the Grindel will be another Goomba, as well as two loose coins right before the ramp leading to the second floor (93).

On the second floor, straight away, you will find eight coins underneath the grating you can climb (101). There will be another Goomba right past the Amp, and another two Goombas past the Grindel (104). Continue to the next floor, where you find another hanging grate here, where there’s five coins (109). You can collect the single coin (one of the secret ones for Pyramid Puzzle) in the sand river, as well as the four on the “steps” leading to the next section (114). There will be another four coins on the vertically moving platforms moving to the last section with the jumping Grindel (118). Once you get past that Grindel, you will find ten more coins at the very top of the pyramid (128).

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