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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Galaxy Overview

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers an overview of Honeyhive Galaxy. Honeyhive Galaxy is located in the Terrace dome and is the second galaxy that you’ll unlock in the dome, since it only costs three Star.

Whenever you do a different star, the galaxy will alter or new planets will be available. Each star challenge will have its own section with a guide on all of the enemies in that level. There will also be a note on the Bee Mario form, which is available in some of the levels in this galaxy.

Bee Mario Takes Flight

During this star challenge, you’ll have access to 3 planets. During this challenge, your aim is to help out Queen Bee.


This section offers a list of all the enemies in this level.

  • Slurples - Slurples will latch onto Mario’s head, slowly draining life from him as though he is being suffocated. Mario’s movement speed will also be reduced whilst they’re attached to his head. To get rid of them, either spin or shoot star bits at them.

  • Boulders - Boulders will essentially just run over Mario if he’s in their path. To break them, you need to spin attack their ruby core, which is easier said than done!

  • Piranha Plants - Piranha Plants will try to bite Mario. They have a fairly large range, so you’ll have to be quick if you want to defeat the plant before it bites.

  • Wigglers - When wigglers are yellow, they move slowly. But if you jump on their heads, they’ll turn red and move very quickly. If they run into you, you’ll be damaged. To defeat them, you can either spin to incapacitate them and then jump on them, or jump on them twice in a row.

Wigglers get angry if you jump on their heads!

  • Flipbugs - The Flipbugs will only attack you if you’re Bee Mario, if you’re regular Mario then they will run away. You can spin attack them or jump at them.

  • Octoguys - Octoguys will throw rocks at Mario that you’ll need to avoid. You can easily defeat them by spin attacking or jumping.

Trouble on the Tower

During this level, you’ll have access to 4 different planets. The goal of this level is to help the Bees take back their Observatory from the Mandibugs.

New Enemies

  • Mandibugs - Mandibugs will charge at you, but cannot move sideways. To defeat them, you’ll need to groundpound them.

Mandibugs are defeated by groundpounding them.

Other Enemies

  • Slurples
  • Boulders
  • Piranha Plants
  • Flipbugs
  • Wigglers

Boss Enemy

  • Mandibug Mini Boss - The Mandibug mini-boss can be defeated like the other Mandibugs. Firstly, you’ll need to jump and groundpound the baby Mandibug. This will cause the parent Mandibug to become angry and he will start charging faster. To defeat the mini-boss for good, you’ll need to groundpound the parent Mandibug as well.

The Mandibug Mini Boss goes red when he gets angry!

Big Bad Bugaboom

During this level, you’ll have access to only 2 planets. Your aim is to defeat the big bad Bugaboom boss.


  • Slurples
  • Boulders
  • Piranha Plants
  • Flipbugs
  • Wigglers
  • Mandibugs

Boss Enemy - Bugaboom

The goal of this fight is to groundpound the big Bugaboom. You’ll need to groundpound him three times to defeat him for good. To groundpound him, you’ll need to use the Flower Launches to help boost you into the air so you have enough time to fly a little and then groundpound the Bugaboom. Timing is key, especially for the two later phases. After you groundpound him the first time, the Bugaboom will begin flying, making his movement a little faster. This will mean you’ll need to be a bit faster with boosting off a Flower Launch and groundpounding into him. If you miss, you might get damaged by the Bugaboom!Once you’ve hit him a second time, he will become extra angry and red! He will fly higher and even rotate his body so it’s harder to groundpound him. He will also move very fast, meaning it might take you a couple of goes to groundpound him at the right moment. Remember always to stay clear of water as you’ll lose your Bee power!

Groundpound the Bugaboom three times to earn a power star.

Bee Mario

Bee Mario is available during Bee Mario Takes Flight and Big Bad Bugaboom. When Mario walks into a Bee Mushroom, he will transform into Bee Mario. Whilst he is Bee Mario, you’ll be able to fly by holding or tapping A/B. You only have a limited amount of flight power, so you’ll have to be careful not to run out. Once you land, the flight power wheel will recharge. Mario will lose his Bee form if he touches water, so make sure to avoid waterfalls and fountains throughout these levels.

Flipbugs will also become hostile to Bee Mario, whereas usually they would be scared of normal Mario. Bee Mario can also climb up honey-covered hexagons.

Bee Mario can fly for short amounts of time!

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