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Watch Your Step

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This level is found in Matter Splatter Galaxy, which is located within the Garden dome. To unlock this galaxy, players must have 50 stars and have completed Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser, a level in Toy Time Galaxy.

Water Splash Path

At the beginning of the level, you’ll need to observe the water splashes and how they create paths. The droplets of water will create temporary spherical paths that you’ll need to run over quickly before they disappear. As you make your way across the water splash paths, you’ll run into two Magikoopas. You can quickly run past or spin attack them. Make sure you avoid being hit by their blasts at all costs as they’ll cause burn damage and Mario will go hopping around uncontrollably. When you reach the end of this area, take the Green Warp pipe to the next area.

Spotlight Wall Jumping

When you pop up out of the green warp pipe, you’ll need to run right and follow the spotlight. You’ll then need to wall jump - careful not to jump into the void! Remember, the wall isn’t actually there until a light shines on it so you will just jump into nothing.

Make sure to only jump where the spotlights are shining!

Then when you head to the right you’ll need to wall jump again, this time, the walls are a lot shorter though. You’ll need to follow the spotlight all the way to the left as soon as you’ve reached the top of the second wall jump. You need to go right, but you can’t do that until the spotlight is moving in that direction, so you need to follow it to the left and then back to the right where you’ll perform another wall jump. Then from there, you need to follow the spotlight to the left, jumping from platform to platform, until you reach the warp pipe.

Spring Mario

Next up, you’ll need to race the spotlight using Spring Mario. The spotlight will move upwards, continually revealing new platforms, whilst simultaneously making the platforms below disappear. If it catches up with you, you’ll fall into space! You’ll need to jump up to the pink platforms (you can move up through them but not back down). This is tricky as around half way up this section, you’ll need to do high jumps with little room for error as the spotlight will cut off the platforms below. As long as you perform your high jumps effectively you won’t have too much trouble.

Spring Mario will need to perform lots of high jumps in this section of the level.

Near the top of this section, you’ll find a Sling Star. Don’t try to jump up to the swinging platform below the Sling Star. Instead jump up to the pink platform above you and then from there do a jump across onto the swinging platform. It’ll be much easier to do it this way than to try to land a perfect high jump - Spring Mario is a little precarious! When you’ve used the Sling Star you’ll head straight down a warp pipe to the final area in this level.

Spotlight Maze

In this final section you’ll need to follow a spotlight path across the abyss to the Power Star. This area is far more mazey than the previous areas of the level though. There are sections of this area that branch off into dead ends and the player will be forced to make scary long jumps. Luckily, the dead ends don’t mean you die there and then, you will be able to make a come back by performing tricky jumps. So don’t be afraid of which path you go down as they can all lead to the same place.

(1 of 2) As you can see, each path can be used to get to the next sections but you may need to perform trickier jumps if you chose a certain route

As you can see, each path can be used to get to the next sections but you may need to perform trickier jumps if you chose a certain route (left), but luckily, once you get to the end you'll be rewarded with a Power Star! (right)

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