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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Mario Wings to the Sky

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts

If you’ve visited the floating island and took a sightseeing tour while up there, you probably noticed that there’s some rings of coins in the air by the island. What you don’t see is that there’s a total of five coin rings up in the sky, at various elevations. In order to obtain this star, you will need to pass through the middle (or close to it) of each coin ring. You will know you’ve done it right, as a red number will appear. Having said that, there is an easier way to do this, which involves the [Wing Cap], but you will need 10 stars before you can obtain that. There is also a slightly harder way, which doesn’t involve the Red Wing Cap, and both will be outlined below.

The Easier Way

The easier method of obtaining this star involves unlocking the Wing Cap for Mario, which is done by getting 10 stars first. So, that means you will need to hop to other courses and get stars there until you unlock the sunlight in the main foyer hub. Look into the light to be brought to the Wing Cap course and hit the switch on the platform to make all the red blocks solid. Upon doing that, head to the floating island in Bob-Omb Battlefield and you should see a red block on the island. Break it to spawn a Wing Cap, then get into the cannon quickly, as there is a timer attached to using the Wing Cap.

(1 of 2) If you have the Wing Cap unlocked, there’s one on the floating island

If you have the Wing Cap unlocked, there’s one on the floating island (left), It makes hitting the triggers a lot easier (right)

You will want to aim at the central coin in the first ring of coins before launching yourself. Let go of the analog stick and once you pass the third coin ring, you can pull down on the stick to begin flying upwards. Hopefully you will pass through the fourth ring, which leaves just the final one. The final ring is higher than the others, but you should have more than enough juice with the Wing Cap to reach it. Should you fail to get the right triggers on your first try, go back to the floating island and try again. Once you’ve gotten all five triggers, the Power Star will spawn by the four wooden poles.

The Harder Way

(1 of 2) Aim for the center of the first ring to get three triggers

Aim for the center of the first ring to get three triggers (left), Line up your shot in this screen to get the fourth circle (right)

Despite being called the harder way, you do not have to rely on the Wing Cap and can do this on your first visit to Bob-Omb Battlefield. All it takes is three shots with the cannon that are lined up pretty well. Shoot up to the floating island and get in the cannon. For the ring that is furthest away, you do not want to touch the cannon after it automatically aims you. Aiming at the middle coin of the first ring will get you the first three, making that pretty easy. It’s the fourth coin ring that might give you trouble, but there is a pretty easy position for getting it. You will want to aim the reticule so the bottom blip of it is on the top coin of the first ring. If done right, you should hit all of the markers and get the Power Star without needing the Wing Cap.

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