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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

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Tarantox's Tangled Web

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a guide on how to complete Tarantox’s Tangled Web level in Space Junk Galaxy. This is the third available Power Star in this galaxy but a hidden star to obtain. For a walkthrough on the hidden Power Star head over to Yoshi’s Unexpected Appearance.

Navigating through the Maze

You’ll begin the level on a Starshroom and will need to use the Pull Star to get to the prism shaped planet, where you will find Star Bits trapped in crystal and Spoings. From there you want to use the trail of Pull Stars and navigate your way through space to reach the glass maze planet.

The pathway to this planet's Launch Star may not be as clear.

When you land on the planet head left towards the crystalized Star Bits and keep going until you see a entrance to the planet. Be sure to fully explore the planet as it contains Coins, Star Bits and 1-Up Mushrooms. Just watch out for the Goombas. Once you make it to the Launch Star you’ll break through the glass and head straight for a Spoings filled path.

Sling Pods

As you arrive to a stone archway you will see Spoings waiting for you. They don’t run at you so you can avoid them by passing them as they jump if you prefer a more pacifist approach. At the end of the path you’ll find a Toad stuck on a Sling Pod. To free him aim your cursor at the Sling Pod and press A and like a sling shot after pulling back and letting go will launch the Toad and set him free. You can launch the Toad in to space and he should be fine.

Toad is in a sticky situation.

After Toad is set free jump onto the Sling Pod and launch yourself towards the second Sling Pod. From here launch yourself towards the rocket thats covered in Spoings. Before getting on the Sling Pod found at the bottom of the rocket head to the other side of the rocket to get a Life Mushroom to prepare you for the boss battle.

Always explore the planet fully. You never know what you might find.

Tarantox Boss Fight

Once you have launched yourself off the rocket and onto another asteroid you’ll be able to see Tarantox’s planet. Launch yourself directly at the planet and you will break its outer shell, revealing Tarantox’s silk spider egg in the center.

Being on the circle shaped planet restricts you to only being able to move left and right and has Sling Pods located around - similair to that of numbers on a clockface. Following the theme of using Sling Pods you must launch yourself at the center to break open the spider egg to reveal Tarantox which starts the boss battle.

Tarantox's most vulnerable point is his rear end!

Tarantox will try damaging you by shooting out green toxic ooze from its mouth. Tarantox is set in the center but can turn left and right to face you. To inflict damage to Tarantox you will need to flip it over by using the Sling Pods and launching yourself at Tarantox’s orb on its rear end. This reveals three smaller orbs which you have to destroy by using yourself and the Sling Pods.

After destroying the three pods on its underside Tarantox will flip back over and begin shooting additional ooze from the small red orbs on the side whilst also rotating faster. You only need to hit Tarantox’s rear end a second time making it once again flip over and displaying three orbs. Destroy the three orbs again to defeat Tarantox for good.

Toads have their uses. Slowing Tarantox is really helpful when it starts shooting ooze from all sides!

When you destroy the underside orbs a second time Tarantox will be defeated and a Power Star appears.

(1 of 2) Tarantox's web unravels

Tarantox's web unravels (left), and the Power Star is now yours. (right)

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