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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

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Comet Star: Purple Coins on the Battlerock

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a guide on Purple Coins on the Battlerock in Battlerock Galaxy. This level is only available when there is a Purple Comet in orbit, and this can only occur when you’ve completed the main story levels.

Collecting the Purple Coins

This level is fairly straightforward as the saucer will take you along the course and you’ll be able to grab all 100 coins as you go. The one thing that makes this tricky is that you only have one chance to get all coins before the route finishes or you need to start again. There are also a couple of tricky jumps to perform to grab a couple of awkward-to-reach Purple Coins.

For the first 25 coins, you just need to walk around on the moving saucer and follow the trail of coins. After the 25th coin, you’ll need to walk diagonally downwards to get onto the side of the saucer, this is so you can get out of the way of the large barrier (and pick up some Purple Coins!). During this short detour to the side of the saucer, you’ll pick up another 4 coins. On the otherside of the barrier you can pick up another 3 coins.

Stay on the saucer and it'll take you through all of the coins you need.

From there, you’ll need to follow the trail of 19 coins to the underside of the saucer again. You can also grab the extra life mushroom whilst you’re there. Now follow the trail for a little longer on the underside of the saucer and you should collect another 9 coins, bringing your total to 60/100.

Now, you’ll need to head up to the top of the saucer and grab another 6 coins. After collecting those, line yourself up with the coins leading up to the electric fence. Then, crouch (facing away) and backflip once you’ve collected the 2 coins on the ground. After performing the jump, you should have collected another 5 coins. Bringing your total to 73/100.

You'll need to perform a couple of jumps across electric barriers.

Grab the other 6 coins before jumping over the second electric wire obstacle, collecting another 6 coins in the process. Now, follow the path of coins slightly to the side of the saucer before coming back up and preparing for a really high jump. You’ll need to line yourself up and prepare for a backflip. But only backflip at the last second to make sure you actually grab the highest coin. Collect the last little cluster of coins and you’ll have all 100 coins! Grab the Power Star near the Gearmo to complete the level.

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    Seren Morgan-Roberts, Jarrod Garripoli, Ben Chard

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