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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

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Episode 4: The Secret of Casino Delfino

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a guide on grabbing the Shine Sprite in Episode 4 of Sirena Beach. This area is accessed via the pipe on the roof of the house at the Plaza Square once you’ve cleared Episode 4 of Pinna Park and defeated Shadow Mario back in Delfino Plaza.

Accessing the Casino

A return to the Hotel is in order for this Episode as a new section of it becomes available to explore, the Casino. Begin by speaking to the Manager to enter the Hotel and then head forward and to the left corner to find a Pianta standing in front of a door. Speak to him and he’ll let you enter the Casino where you’ll find two different games you can play on the left and right.

Begin with the left game and use your FLUDD to spray all three reels until you get a “777”. Head over to the other game now and repeat the same steps only this time, all of the reels will move at once, in the likelihood of getting three “Boos”, you’ll have to deal with a sneaky Boo that materializes. Once you have completed both games, the curtain rises at the back to reveal one final game. This is a more simple one, you just have to flip the “?” panels to reveal a picture of a Shine and a gain access to the pipe behind it.

(1 of 3) The left slots will rotate one at a time

Path to the Shine Sprite

You’ll find yourself in another secret level and you’ll want to begin by darting in between the large cubes and wait for the large rotating cube to draw near, leaping onto it to take you over to the other side. Here, you’ll have to avoid more giant cubes as you make your way forward (and grabbing the 1-Up Mushroom on the right) to another rotating cube.

This will rotate the opposite way so you must run forward on it to avoid sliding to your death. Once you reach the other side, you’ll find sliding wooden beams, navigate across these and then jump over to the rotating wooden beam, using the edges to keep your balance and leap over to one final giant rotating cube that will take you over to the Shine.

(1 of 4) Use the camera like this to time the first jump easier

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